Google Search by Image knows What’s in a Photo, and able to Find Alternatives

It’s again a new announcement from the search engine Giant Google. Now you can search images by images. Just drag and drop image to search box and find text results or similar results. The image can be from web or user’s desktop. 
Search by image is a huge step in the technology. It’s revolution in search technology. “Sometimes when you’re on your computer, you may not have the words to describe exactly what you’re looking for. You might have an old vacation photo, but forgot the name of that beautiful beach,” Google explained.

“Typing [guy on a rocky path on a cliff with an island behind him] isn’t exactly specific enough to help find your answer. So when words aren’t as descriptive as the image, you can now search using the image itself,” it added.

I tried it and it’s really interesting for finding related images. But do not try to search for a large size image which is large in size because it takes time to upload and search.

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