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Best Tech Gift ideas for Father: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day gifting ideas
Father's Day gifting ideas


Father’s Day is coming. So, it a good idea if you buy a gift for your father in advance. There is a number of tech gifting ideas including smartphone accessories, speakers, health and fitness gadgets, item trackers, and more. The world is also facing the Covid-19 pandemic. So, you can also consider gifting him gadgets to keep track of his health and body vitals. In this Father’s Day gift guide, I am listing some cool gifting ideas. Check this list and decide what you can gift to your dad.

Trimmer and Shaver

A grooming kit is a need. Men need trimmer and shaver. So, you can also gift a good trimmer or shaver to your father.


If you are looking to buy a smartphone, there could be a number of options depending on your budget. So, here is the list of some recommended smartphones. I tried to include smartphones of different price segments. So, get one as per your budget and need.


Smartwatch can be a good tech gift for the father. Smartwatch looks stylish and brings health-related features. Smartwatch can measure Spo2, blood pressure, heart rate, and more. Here are a few good smartwatches you can consider gifting your father. I have included smartwatches from each segment.

Fitness band

You can also consider gifting him a fitness band. Fitness bands offer similar health-related features.

Item Tracker

Item Tracker can also be a good item to gift your father if usually forget where he kept keys or wallet. Smart item trackers can be attached to items and then track using the smartphone app. Tile trackers are the best option for Android users while iOS users should go with the Apple AirTag.


Now when most of the works are being done online. People attend office video calls or family video calls, headphones have become a part of life. Not just for calls, headphones can also be used for listening to music. Here are some good options.


If your father attends several conference calls and video calls, you can consider gifting him a good microphone.

If you are looking for both a headphone and mic, go for Combo of ATR2500X USB Condenser USB Microphone & ATH-M20X Headphone

Bluetooth Speaker

If your father likes listening to songs, here are some good Bluetooth speakers you can gift. Echo Dot is my recommendation because that is a smart speaker and can do more than just playing songs.

Air Purifier

Now when Air pollution is a big issue, Gifting an Air Purifier can also be a good idea. Here are some good Air Purifiers you can gift to your dad.

Glucose Monitor

If your father is suffering from type-2 diabetes, you can gift him a good Glucose Monitor. So, he can keep a check on his blood sugar level and take medicines accordingly.


If your father loves capturing photos and recording videos, you can gift him a good camera. While selecting a camera, consider his requirements first. He could be into photography or videography. So, buy a camera that suits his needs.