5 Best iPhone Launchers for Android | 2018

Best iPhone Launchers for Android
Best iPhone Launchers for Android

Android devices are most widely used but most of the people want to own Apple’s iPhone. If you are one of those who like iPhone but cannot afford one, you can start using iPhone launcher on your Android phone to make it look like an iPhone. Android comes with options to customise the UI by using several launchers. Some of these launchers can bring iPhone like interface on your phone. The iPhone launcher for android gives similar look by adding same kind of wallpaper and icons.

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We have made this list of best iPhone launchers. These iPhone launchers for android mobiles are best to make android just like an iPhone in terms of UI. They give your Android device the appearance of an Apple iOS operating system. 

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Best iPhone Launchers for Android

Here is the list of best iPhone launchers for Android to give your Android phone a look like iPhone.

1. One Launcher

One ios Launcher

One Launcher is one of the best iPhone launchers that lets you apply iOS-like interface on the android phone to get iPhone like look. It is an easy-to-use launcher for Android that does not hog your memory resources and not uses up your CPU cycles.

It is not an exact copy of iOS but gives similar look and feel. It is also able to deliver the same iOS transition effects, along with displaying icon packs and system icons. You can customize the home screen with lots of theme options.

The One launcher for Android is available for free to download. And this is how you can make an android phone look like iPhone. 


2. iLauncher – OS 9


iLauncher - OS 9

iLauncher gives the iPhone theme for Android and is a powerful home screen launcher. You can experience the super speedy and smooth operation by using this iPhone launcher. There are good customization options in this launcher with accurate transition effects and gestures.

This iOS launcher for Android is available on all devices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher. It is free to use but there are some features like ‘unread badge count’ which are available in the paid version.


3. Launcher for iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7 is free Android launcher app which brings iPhone like experience on your android device. The app is power and memory efficiency and it’s Quad HD resolution tries to give you quite similar experience as iPhone.

It offers lock screen just like iPhone. It also has similar features like iPhone like good transition, smart swipe down a search, smooth icons, Long Press to Uninstall Apps and more. If you want the iOS-like look and feel on your Android phone, you can try this launcher.


4. Phone X Launcher

Phone X Launcher

Phone X Launcher is the exact copy of iOS 11 with same iPhone UI and wallpaper. You can feel your Android phone look like a real iPhone X. You have to give permission to read your notification to show you notifications on the lock screen. It can give you a similar experience as you get on the iPhone with this iPhone launcher.

Not just the interface, it also copes the notch. So, your Android phone will also feature a top notch. Similar to iPhone, it also brings Spotlight search that works well and you can perform similar search for finding apps and contacts.

If you are looking for a good iPhone launcher for your Android phone, why not try to copy the latest iPhone X.


5. xOS Launcher

xOS Launcher for android

The xOS launcher is another iPhone launcher for Android that gives iPhone like feeling while using Android devices.  It is easy to use, light and smooth launcher. The best thing about this launcher is that it does not hog memory resources, not even uses much CPU cycles. This lets the user experience, the super speedy and smooth operation.

It brings Smart widgets, Effects, Flexible theme options and Customizable home screen. It replicates the iOS like theme and converts the overall interface similar to iPhone.


Final Words

These are 5 best iPhone launchers for Android devices. You can use any of them to make your Android device just like an iPhone. Your android device will have iPhone like wallpapers, transition effects, and icons. There are so many other iPhone launchers but not all are worth of your time. So, you can use any of given in this list.

Do share your experiences with us after using these launchers for Android.