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10 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

Wallpaper apps for AndroidWallpaper apps for Android
Wallpaper apps for AndroidWallpaper apps for Android

Most people have a habit of changing the wallpaper of their smartphones. They like to set a unique wallpaper on their smartphone to just have a different look at the smartphone. On Android devices, we get some cool wallpapers. And we also have the ability to customize the look and add any image as wallpaper. In the past, we have reviewed a few Android Launchers including Apus, Cobo launcher, and theme Launcher. But if you do not want to install the launcher and are only interested in wallpapers, you can use available wallpaper apps. These apps offer good quality unique wallpapers. In this post, I am going to add 10 cool wallpaper apps for Android devices.

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Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

Here is the list of best wallpaper apps for Android. You should check all wallpaper apps added to this list and download one that suits you.

1. Wallpapers


Wallpapers app is by Google and offers cool wallpapers for Android phones. It brings lots of high-resolution wallpapers and images from Google Earth, Google+, and other partners. You can add different wallpapers to the lock screen and home screen depending on your choice. You can pick your favorite category and get a new wallpaper image each day.


2. Kappboom

Kappboom wallpaper for Android

Kappboom app lets you browse wallpapers and apply one as wallpaper on your Android device. It not only works with Android smartphones or tablets but also with Android wear devices. You can search for wallpapers or browse by category. It is memory-optimized and used to offer a fast and smooth experience. The app lets you search wallpapers by color and tags. You can also get Live wallpapers. The app also lets you share these wallpapers on different social media websites.


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3. Zedge

Zedge Wallpapers and ringtones

Zedge app is not only for Wallpaper but also for ringtones. You can select from awesome wallpapers and ringtones. If we only talk about wallpapers, it offers both static images and live wallpapers. You can also browse by category and search by keywords. It also offers a widget for quickly changing wallpapers. The app brings full HD wallpaper and 4K wallpaper to use as backgrounds. It also offers live wallpapers with cool video effects.


4. 4K AMOLED Wallpapers

AMOLED Wallpapers

AMOLED Wallpapers is a beautiful app that brings dark wallpapers for devices having AMOLED panels. We know that dark wallpapers save battery juice and also put less strain in the eyes. So, the wallpapers in the app have more than 70% true black color. You can either download wallpapers on your phone or directly apply as wallpaper for your phone. The app also includes a built-in automatic wallpaper changer for Android phones. It claims to host more than 700000+ Wallpapers. The app also shows related information about the wallpaper like resolution, image format, primary colors, and true black pixels percentage. If your phone has a punch hole or notch, the app has several creative wallpapers to hide that notch.


5. Muzei Live Wallpaper


Muzei refreshes the wallpaper of your device each day with a famous artwork from But it also fades the image to keep your icons visible. You can also select your own images and Muzei will rotate your images every hour. The app also includes watch face for Android. If you use an Android Wear smartwatch, the app has wallpapers for that as well. Muzei claims to be developer-friendly and the source code is available. The service also offers an API for making your own wallpaper source.


6. Tapet

Tapet wallpaper app for Android

Tapet is also a unique wallpaper app that offers a wide range of wallpapers to try. It automatically generates high-quality backgrounds. You can select a random wallpaper or let the app generate one for you on a daily or hourly basis. It doesn’t download any image from the Internet but generates everything within the device. So, it doesn’t consume mobile data.


Note: If you want to have an iPhone-like look for your Android phone, try iPhone Launchers for Android.

7. Wallhub

Wallhub: Wallpaper apps for Android

Wallhub is also one of the best wallpaper apps for Android. It brings 4K AMOLED Wallpapers & Backgrounds for Android devices. They only use CC0 photos so you are free to use these wallpapers in any way. There are more than 1000+ categories and wallpaper collections. The company behind the app keeps on adding new wallpapers and images every day. The app is really cool and works well. It has no ads and uses Pexels as wallpaper source.


8. Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 50M+

Backgrounds HD is another cool wallpaper app for Android devices. It has claims to have more than 50 million users worldwide. It offers 6000+ wallpapers handpicked by its team. You have an option to crop the image before adding it to the wallpaper. You can also save the wallpaper on your device. Wallpapers are also divided into 30+ categories.


9. Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD comes with a unique mechanism. It offers wallpapers depending on the screen resolution of your device. 4K wallpapers for 4K devices and 1080p wallpapers for full HD display. You will not see any low-resolution images. There are over 80,000 beautiful Wallpapers for screens up to 540×960 pixels, 10000 Full HD Wallpapers 5000 2K wallpapers, and over 1000 4K wallpapers.


10. 3D Wallpaper Parallax

3D Wallpaper Parallax is an interesting app that brings 350+ official 4K wallpapers with a 4D depth effect. You will feel like having Live Wallpaper on the phone. All these 3D/4D wallpaper are editable, customizable, and adjustable. If your phone has AMOLED or 4K display, you should surely try this cool wallpaper app. The app supports all device screens with a dynamic aspect ratio. You get parallax moving backgrounds, Superhero Multi-layer collection, and more. You can also add an effect to your created 3D wallpaper.


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Final Words

This was the list of best wallpaper apps for Android. I will keep on adding more wallpaper apps as I find them worth sharing. I have tried all these apps personally and I am sure you will like them for sure. You should also try and let me know what wallpaper app you use to customize your Android phone.