Top 7 Best Business Card Scanner Apps For Android

Business card scanner apps
Business card scanner apps

Being a business person, you need to manage lots of contacts you meet during a networking event or a conference. Here business card plays an important role. A business card is one of the important things we use daily in professional life. When we meet new people for business-related conversation, we usually exchange business cards. But that is not the ideal way to keep the contacts of those people with you. Now we have to save their contact info on our smartphone or carry the business card always with you. But you need to have those contact information with you always. So, either you enter all those information in the phone manually or use business card scanner apps.

Business card scanner apps quickly scan a business card and save the contact information printed on the card to your smartphone. If you are looking for a good business card scanner app, I will help you in selecting one. See the list of best 5 business card scanner apps for Android.

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Best Business Card Scanner Apps For Android

1. CamCard Free – Business Card R

CamCard Free Business card scanner Android app

CamCard Free is one of the best free business card scanner apps available in the Play Store. It claims to have more than 100 million users worldwide. As a business card reader app, it allows you to scan a business card and save information directly in your device. It also offers few additional features other than business card scanning. You can add notes and reminders to contacts.

You can also exchange e-cards and find directions to the contacts within the app. It also supports 17 different languages. In the free version of the app, you can only scan up to 200 contacts.

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2. Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader Android app

Business Card Reader is another popular app for scanning and saving business card information in your Android device. The OCR supports 66 languages including Hindi and English.

It also offers a card wallet with icons. So that you can quickly find a card. It also has a card designer to design your business card. You can create your own personalized business card and share it via NFC. It also has an option for QR code that can be scanned in seconds.

It can also seamlessly and securely sync your cards across all of your devices with only one account

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3. Haystack Digital Business Card

Haystack Digital Business Card

Haystack is a nice app for Android devices that allows users to scan, store and access business cards. It also allows you to create your own digital business cards and share it via NFC, Email, text, etc. It has an advanced camera interface with built-in OCR to capture data from business cards. You can also add personal notes to the business cards you scan.

The OCR is not perfect, so, you need to take care while saving information using Haystack.

It also takes a backup of your scanned contacts in the cloud. So, you can always access it back if you somehow lose contacts saved on your phone.

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4. ScanBizCards Lite

ScanBizCards Lite

ScanBizCards Lite comes with modern UI and offers good experience. The OCR is perfect even in low light. So, it scans business cards effectively and saves information in your phone. This is one of the best business card scanner app for Android.

It can also export your business cars to multiple CRM platforms including Salesforce and SugarCRM. So, it is an ideal solution for business persons. Another good thing is that it supports canning in 22 languages.

There is also a pro version offering better features if you want.

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5. Business Card Reader SugarCRM

Business Card Reader SugarCRM

Business Card Reader SugarCRM Android app also lets you scan a business card and import card data into SugarCRM system. New contacts automatically stored into your CRM account. It offers high processing speed and claims to scan up to 20 business cards per minute. Before saving, it also previews the data, so that you can make necessary changes. It supports 25 different languages.

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6. Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens: Business card scanner app

Microsoft Office Lens is a PDF scanner app that can scan documents or business cards. If you are looking for a good business card scanner app, you can use this app as a business card scanner app. The app works best with several languages including English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Support for more languages will be available soon.

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7. WorldCard Mobile Lite

WorldCard Mobile Lite

WorldCard Mobile Lite is one of the best and oldest business card scanner apps. The app has also been awarded several times in the past. It comes with OCR options to scan business cards and save information on your phone. The app can recognize 25 different languages. You can also set reminders to contact newly-added people.

This app also lets you backup stored contacts in local storage as well as online. This app is feature-rich and comes for free. You can also buy the Pro version if you want more features.

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Final Words

Now you have a list of best business card scanner apps for Android. You can use any of these business card scanner apps to manage your business cards and save information on your mobile phone quickly. You can select any of these apps. If you have been using any other good business card scanner app that I missed adding in the list, do not forget to tell us about that. I will surely use and mention in the article.


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