5 Best Photo Scanner Apps To Scan Old Photographs

Best Photo Scanner Apps
Best Photo Scanner Apps


Every 90s kid has a collection of old memories in their photo albums. These memories are very close to heart because it reminds us of our beautiful past and takes us to the time we could never get back. These photos in the photo albums are from the era when smartphones were not there and owning a camera was not feasible for all. So, we could only capture a few special moments to preserve for the future.

These photos printed on the paper are prone to destruction. So, it is a good idea to keep a digital copy of it. If you are wondering how to convert an old photo into the digital photo, you are in the right place.

We are here with the list of best photo scanner apps to scan your old photos and make them digital. Try these and enjoy those moments anytime you want.

Best Photo Scanner Apps

Have a look at these best scanner app for photos and converting your old photos into digital form.

1. Google PhotoScan:

best photo scanner apps

PhotoScan is a photo scanner app by Google. This nice photo scanner app lets you scan new or old photos or any other documents. You can use the app to convert printed photos into digital photos. You only need to take a photo of the printed photo using a smartphone camera.

It not just captures the photo, but takes care or colors, enhances the digital scan, detects edges and does few more changes to capture and save maximum possible details from the photograph.

If you normally capture a photo of a printed photo using the smartphone camera, you see glare, but this app stitches multiple images together to remove glare and give the best possible quality.

Not just scan, but you can also save and manage your photos for free on Google Photos. This makes pics safe, searchable and organized. You can easily share them with anyone, just by sending a link of the pic.

Download: Android | iOS

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2. Camera Scanner Image Scanner:best photo scanner apps

Camera Scanner is a photo scanner as well as a document scanner app which turns your mobile into an incredible scanner. By using this app, you can use your Camera as an HD scanner. Take a picture of any old photo or paper documents and convert it into a digital picture. It is very easy to share the scanned documents via Email, Cloud Print, fax or upload them to Cloud storage with a Camera Scanner app.

Talking about features of this app, it scans documents fast, auto enhances the photo and does smart cropping.

Download: Android

3. CamScanner:

best photo scanner apps

CamScanner is a PDF creator and photo scanner. It helps in scanning the documents, storing it, synchronizing it and collaborating it on various devices across smartphones, tablets, and computers. With this app, you can make your phone’s camera a scanner to scan photos, receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc.

It has features of smart cropping and auto enhancing to make the texts and graphics look clear and sharp. For Registrants there is a feature of entering any keyword, you’ll see a list of docs with the word in their titles, notes or images.

For Licensed users, OCR (optical character recognition) feature is also there which extracts texts inside single page for further editing or .txt sharing. Premium Subscription of this app is for $ 4.99/month or $49.99/year. One can add 10GB cloud space and add 40 extra collaborators in a premium subscription.

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Download: Android, iOS

4. HELMUT Film Scanner:

Helmut photo scanner app is an analog film scanner on your phone. It is used to digitize any kind of color and black & white negative film. This Negative scanner app does invertion & color-correction in real time and can be employed as a quick contact-sheet tool.

The built-in manual controls on this app allow adjusting levels, saturation, gamma, brightness/contrast & sharpness of the image.

Download Now: Android

5. Photomyne

Photomyne is a photo scanner app that can turn your old photographs in digital photographs You just have to scan the images through this app and crop the image as per your need. This app auto-detects picture boundaries, auto-rotates sideways pics, crops and saves them into a digital album.

Download: Android | iOS

Final Words

These are few best photo scanner apps for Android and iOS. While I love and use Google PhotoScan app, the other apps on the list are also good and worth to try. So, what are you waiting for. Download any of these apps and scan all your photos to keep them safe forever.

If you have something to say, don’t forget to put your comments. If you know any other good scanner app for photos, you can let us know by using the comment section. We will update this list accordingly.