OpenAI’s latest model is called GPT-4o


OpenAI today announced its latest generative AI model called GPT-4o. GPT-4o has GPT-4 level intelligence. This latest model also promises to come with improved capabilities across text, vision, and audio as compared to GPT-4.

The company also demonstrated its capabilities during the keynote. The conversation demo with GPT-4o using voice demonstrated how ChatGPT can respond to voice questions.

In another demo, GPT-4o was given an equation through a phone camera and it provided the instructions to solve it. So, it can also act as a teacher. GPT-4o can also act as a good live translator. The demo of the live transition was also impressive. It was translating a conversation back and forth between Italian and English speakers in real-time.

The best thing about GPT-4o is that it will be available to everyone including free users. It is now available in the free tier of ChatGPT starting today. However, it will be rolled out to developers and other OpenAI products in alpha to Plus users in the coming weeks. OpenAI subscribers using ChatGPT Plus will get ‘5x higher’ message limits.

OpenAI confirmed that voice is not part of GPT-4o API for now. The company doesn’t want its misuse. It will initially start testing GPT-4o’s new audio capabilities with a ‘small group of trusted partners’ before making it available to more people.

OpenAI is also releasing the desktop version of ChatGPT for Mac users. The company plans to release ChatGPT app for desktop later this year.

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