Sony launches tech to translate body’s physical movements into animations

Sony Mocopi
Sony Mocopi


Sony has launched a new motion-tracking system ‘Mocopi’ that can translate the body’s physical movements into 3D avatars in virtual space.

This tech uses 6 wireless trackers worn on wrists, ankles, head, and back to record body movement. These trackers capture movements and then translate the data into digital space in real time. The company has also released Mocopi mobile app that receives data from trackers and shows you the motion-tracking capabilities. Users can use Mocopi app to create 3D avatar videos and motion data that will include their whole-body movements.

Sony will release the Mocopi software development kit (SDK) in mid-December. This SDK will let developers integrate Mocopi’s motion-tracking in their metaverse applications.

Mocopi is capable of removing bulky controllers we currently use with VR headsets. Mocopi sensors will offer a more immersive VR experience by allowing new movements that handheld controllers can’t.

Mocopi is priced at 49,500 yen and will be available at Sony Store. Pre-orders will begin in Japan in mid-December.

The company also says it will work with other companies to create exclusive Mocopi experiences.