Many iPad mini users are facing ‘Jelly Scrolling’ issue; Apple says it is normal

iPad mini

Apple recently announced iPad mini went on sale last Friday. Several users who bought this new iPad mini started complaining about a subtle scrolling problem dubbed as the “jelly scrolling” effect. In this issue, one side of the screen scrolls at a different rate than the other side. This is most noticeable in portrait view.

The issue doesn’t affect the functionality and you won’t notice it if you are using the device in landscape mode.

Dieter Bohn, Executive Editor The Verge, recorded an sl-mo video demonstrate to issue. Watch this video to understand what exactly the Jelly Scrolling issue is.

Now Apple has come with a disappointing statement. The company says that the ‘Jelly Scrolling’ issue isn’t a problem at all. The spokesperson told Ars Technica that the Jelly Scrolling effect is typical for LCD screens because it refreshes line by line. So, there is a tiny delay between when the top lines and the bottom lines are refreshed

Now when the company doesn’t think it as a problem, it will be interesting to see if Apple would come with any solution.

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