Data Science vs Big Data- Are They Different?

Data Science vs Big Data
Data Science vs Big Data


The amount of digital data is rapidly increasing across the globe, which is also changing our ways of living. The truth is that the rate of information created is more the birth rate, especially in our country. Industry experts use the data we produce in the field of big data, data science and analytics. Today, several doors have been opened in the big data world with the help of the digital economy. Various experts are working together in the fields of data science, data engineering, data analytics, and data mining, but have their separate responsibilities. An intense confusion exists among the job seeker, especially the ones pursuing a data science course in Hyderabad, about the concepts of data science and big data.

Big Data and Data Science share several essential fundamental concepts, but their approach to solving problems is always different.

Data Science

It is a discipline that deals with structured and unstructured data that encompasses everything related to cleaning, processing, and analysing data. It is a combination of math, critical thinking, programming, statistics, problem-solving, and collecting information in ingenious ways. In simple words, it is the umbrella of all the techniques used while extracting insights from data. If you are thinking of making a career in this field, start with a data science course and acquire industry-ready knowledge. Jigsaw Academy in India provides specialized data science courses with hands-on industry experience from the experts, which can help you grow further.

Applications of Data Science:

  • Internet Search: Search engines use data science algorithms in microseconds to deliver the best search results for queries.
  • Digital Ads: Data science techniques are used throughout the digital marketing spectrum from posters to electronic billboards. It is one of the main reasons why digital ads are getting more CTR than conventional ways.
  • Recommender System: Not only do recommender systems make it easy to find relevant items from billions of products available online, but it also adds significant value to the user experience. 

Big Data

It is a collection of humungous data which cannot be processed with conventional methods of extracting information. Big Data processing begins with raw data that is not aggregated and most often cannot be processed with a single computer’s memory. It inundated a business daily and is used to characterize the vast volume of data, both structured and unstructured. Big data techniques are used to analyze data to get insights for making data-driven decisions and strategize business moves.

If you want to make a fortune in this industry, accumulate as much knowledge as you can, starting with a data science course. 

Applications of Big Data:

  • Big data for finance: Insurance firms, credit card companies, wealth management advisory, retail banks, venture funds, institutional investment banks all use big data for their financial services. It is used for various solutions like customer analytics, fraud analytics, compliance and operational analytics.
  • Big data in communications: Retaining customers, gaining subscribers, and expanding business within and outside existing subscribers are among the top priorities for a communication firm. The answer to these problems is the ability to combine and evaluate the volumes of customer-generated data, and machine-generated data produces daily.  
  • Big data for retail: The key to keeping in the game and keeping the game and being successful at the same time is to understand the customer better and represent them. It requires an ability to examine all the diverse data sources, including weblogs, social media, loyalty program data, which businesses deal with every day.

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A Career in Big Data and Data Science

Although big data and data science have their differences, their knowledge can be gained from a single data science course in Hyderabad and learn the right skills. If you are among those individuals seeking a career in these fields, you may start with a specialized course to gain the right industry knowledge.

In India, Jigsaw Academy is one reputed institute that provides a regular online course of a postgraduate diploma in data science in association with Equifax. The curriculum of the data science certification is extensive, which covers data analysis, data visualization, big data technologies, and artificial intelligence as significant domains.

Big data and data science industry is still in its expansion stage, where making a career can be fruitful for your future. You must possess relevant technical and soft skills that will help you make a career, like coding language and critical thinking. You can acquire it all with a data science course in Hyderabad and reach heights in your career.