Trezi lets architects showcase their building plans in Virtual Reality


There have been a lot of talks on Virtual Reality but we could see much use in solving our daily life problems. It has been limited to just checking 360 videos or playing games, but not more than that. At least, not in India. But Trezi has come with a solution that wants to help architects in showcasing their design in a much richer way using the VR.

Trezi aims to give Architects and Interior Designers a better way to showcase their design. Their clients can experience the design in Virtual reality and can actually feel how the whole project will look like.

Now think like a client. You want to purchase a home that is still in the design phase. You can put a VR headset and you will be into the home. You can actually feel the hight or roof, size of the room, and check how it will look like with the interior. Not just the room, but you can experience the whole project like building, parking space and others. So, you do not need to guess things just by looking at 2D designs with measurements.


You can not just see but can also change color or walls, add elements like a chair, sofa or lights to see how it will look in real-time. So, you can also tell what changes you want. This reduces the communication and understanding gap.

I got a chance to experience Trezi and it was an amazing experience. You can actually feel the height of the bed, room space, height of the ceiling, and can also see what’s below the bed or sofa. It is like you are checking the project as you as there.

Trezi already supports files of all the design platforms such as Sketchup, Rhino, and Autodesk’s Revit. The support is either native or via a plugin. So, architects do not need to put any extra effort. They can just upload their design file on Trezi platform and then either see a 3D web view or experience the same design in Virtual reality.

Trezi is a cloud-based product and offers yearly subscription plans. Architects and Interior Designers can subscribe to use it. Pricing Strats at Rs. 10000 per user per month. Annual payment can save Rs. 24000 a year.

SmartVizX, the company behind Trezi also claims to be the first Indian company to offer a VR solution that actually helps consumers and use VR in solving real-world problems.