Realme’s upcoming phone in India to feature a 64MP camera

Realme 3 impressions
Realme 3 impressions

Last week, we reported that Redmi could launch a 64MP camera phone in China soon. Now Realme is also set to use the same camera sensor and launch a 64MP camera phone in India before any other brand.

Realme CEO Madhav has tweeted a photo and claims that the photo was captured using the world’s first smartphone camera with 64MP GW1 sensor.

On the twitter conversation, he confirmed that the phone will be launched by Q4 this year and promised to launch the 64MP camera phone in India before it comes to any phone in any part of the world. That means, Realme will launch its phone before Redmi or Samsung.

Due to Twitter’s compression, we cannot say much about details the 64MP camera could capture. But we are already excited. Like 48 MP camera, the 64MP camera will also be used heavily in mid-range phones next year.

Samsung’s 64-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1 captures 64MP photos and produces 16-megapixel images in low-light by using Tetracell technology for better low-light performance.

Before Realme’s this announcement, we were expecting Samsung to launch the 64MP camera phone and then we got a tip from Xiaomi. But Realme surprised us by this new claim. This is also first time when we saw a photo sample using 64MP camera sensor. This shows that Realme’s has already started testing.


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