Digitek launches durable Nylon Braided charging cables for smartphones

Digitek Cables
Digitek Cables

Digitek has announced the launch of three different nylon braided cables for smartphones. These include Micro USB, Type C, and Lightning Cables.

The micro USB cable supports all devices that can be charged over a micro USB port. The length of the cable is 1 meter.

Type C cable is also 1 meter long and supports 2.1A faster charging. It is made of durable nylon braided exterior.

Lightning Cable is for iPhone users who need a cheaper alternative to Apple’s original Lightning cable. The cable offers good power supply, stable signal, and high-speed transmission. It also meets the EU environmental protection standard.

A layer of nylon thread gives it additional protection and cables will last longer. Apple’s original Lightning Cable doesn’t last much but cost higher. So, you can consider Digitek’s Lightning Cable for durability.


  • Micro USB: Rs, 345
  • Type C: Rs. 495
  • Lightning: Rs. 695