Oppo teases its Foldable Phone Prototype

Oppo Foldable Phone
Oppo Foldable Phone

It seems Oppo is also in the race of launching foldable smartphone. Oppo’s Vice President Brian Shen on Monday showcased a prototype of a foldable phone by Oppo without revealing specifications.

The prototype looks quality similar to the foldable phone Huawei Mate X. As per image posted on Weibo, the prototype foldable phone offers an outward-wrapped flexible display that offers two displays when folded. It also has a thick bar on one side of back that includes camera module. This camera can also be used for capturing selfies. The same thing that Huawei Mate X offers.

The thick bar on the back also shows Oppo branding. The phone appears to have a new ColorOS.

Shen has also asked users on Weibo whether they want this phone to go into mass production. It means Oppo has not yet decided to launch this foldable and will consider only after checking the response on already available foldable smartphones.

Foldable phones by Samsung and Huawei costs $2000 and more. So, don’t expect any other manufacture to bring it in less cost anytime soon. But this tech is now out and I am sure Chiense companies will try their best to make it cheaper with the time.

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