Samsung teases upcoming foldable phone using profile photo on Facebook page

Samsung teases upcoming foldable phone
Samsung teases upcoming foldable phone

It seems Samsung is close to showcasing its first foldable phone. The company has recently changed its profile picture on Facebook that has folded logo on Samsung. That gives us the hint of the foldable phone.

As per other rumors, the company is expected to release details of the phone at SDC (Samsung Developer Conference) 2018. The Conference will start this Wednesday. So, we are very close to getting the official information about the phone.

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Leaked reports claim that the phone will be called Samsung Galaxy F (Foldable) and will be released early next year. It will feature a 7.3-inch foldable internal OLED display along with an external display that will measure 4.6 inches. The folding display won’t be visible when the phone is folded.

Samsung is also working on a new unique user interface for this foldable phone. The UI is allegedly developed in collaboration with Google. The phone is also expected to come with 512GB of rage and will be priced higher.

A few days back, we talked about the first foldable phone FlexPai that will be available for consumers. Lenovo also showcased a prototype that never released for consumers. Huawei and LG have also been working on similar products. We can expect to see a few more foldable phones in 2019. But the usable consumer products won’t be available before 2020.