Oppo to launch its own foldable phone next February

Oppo Foldable Phone
Oppo Foldable Phone

We have been reading about foldable phones for long but no actual product came in the market until Rouyu Technology launched FlexPai. Later Samsung also unveiled its foldable phone. LG and Huawei are also working on the same. So, it seems 2019 will be about foldable phones.

Now Oppo has also confirmed that they will bring a foldable smartphone to Mobile World Congress next February. I am sure this will be just a prototype, so don’t expect any consumer product from the company before 2020.

After this confirmation, Oppo is also joining the list of brands that are working on foldable phones. Lenovo also showcased a prototype in past but we didn’t get any update from them after that.

Foldable phones are usually a dual display device that looks like a phone when close and a tablet when open. Google has also supported the upcoming wave of foldable smartphones. It has unveiled official support in Android for changing displays.

I am still not sure if users really need foldable phones, or smartphone brands are putting money on product people don’t want. What do you guys think about foldable phones? Will you buy foldable phone? Let us know in comments.



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