Sharp’s Air Purifier with Mosquito catcher makes sense for Indian market


Back in July, Sharp announced its FP-FM40E air purifier with built-in Mosquito catcher. The company now again made a formal announcement of its availability even if the product has been available on Amazon since July.

This Air Purifier is not just another Air Purifier available. It comes with Mosquito catcher. Don’t misunderstand it with Mosquito killer. As the product is to purify air, use of chemicals was not possible. So, the company has used an interesting way of catching Mosquitos,

At the back side of this air purifier, it has an empty space where it has UV lights and a powerful air suction. These UV lights to attract mosquitoes and when mosquitoes go near to it, air suction thing traps mosquitoes on a glue sheet. Mosquitoes cannot be free from that. There are multiple layers of this glue sheet and you need to remove the upper one when it becomes ineffective. After the removal of the one from the top, the second layer will start acting the same for next few days.


So, this way uses no chemicals and hence no harm to human.

In countries like India, this air purifier makes perfect sense because we usually suffer from mosquitoes-borne diseases including Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Zika, and much more. Every year after the monsoon, we face these diseases in several parts of India.

Sharp FP-FM40E purifies the air around you and makes your room free from mosquitoes.

Sharp FP-FM40E

Now If I talk about Air Purification, it claims to purify 99.97% air particles. It works in the area of 300 Sq. feet. Sharp’s air purification technology has also been awarded by ‘Asthma Society of India’. It eliminates both micro and macroscopic pollutants present in indoor air. It quickly removes any kind of odor and pollutants.

It not just uses HEPA filter, but Sharp’s own patented Plasmacluster that emits ions. The company claims that this was adopted by the way nature purifies the air. This is the reason, it not just offers clean air but fresh air similar to air you find in natural places.

You can buy it from for Rs. 25999.

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