YouTube Has 1.5 billion Logged-in Monthly Users


We already know that YouTube is the third most popular website after Google and Facebook. If you trust Alexa data, YouTube even beats Facebook to become the second most popular website. But how big is YouTube by numbers? YouTube answered this at VidCon in the Los Angeles area.

YouTube confirmed that it has 1.5 billion active monthly logged-in users. If you also consider adding users that use YouTube with logged-in, this number will be even higher.

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Last time, YouTube confirmed to hit 1 billion monthly active users in 2013 and those numbers included both logged-in and not.

The company also confirmed that TV is the fastest growing medium for YouTube adoption. Thanks to connected-TVs and Wi-Fi connected streaming sticks that brought YouTube to a larger screen.

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The company didn’t share many details of mobile vs desktop video views and an average number of hours users watch videos on YouTube. I hope the company will reveal these interesting numbers soon.

How many hours a day you spend on YouTube? Do you watch video on TV, laptop/desktop or mobile devices? Share what platform do you use to watch videos on YouTube. Comment below and let us know.