Google Announces Android Go, lightweight version of Android for affordable phones

Android Go
Android Go

There are 2 billion Android devices around the world. So, Google is now thinking about reaching to 3 billion or more. Today at Google I/O, Google announced a new project Android Go. Android Go is the lightweight version of upcoming Android O with optimized apps and Play Store support.

Android Go is the devices with very low specs and can run on devices with RAM less than 1 GB. In Play Store, it will also show what apps can run on the device.

Most of these apps should be less than 10 MB in size and will be capable of running on devices with low specs. These apps will also work even without the Internet. YouTube Go will be the optimized version of YouTube on Android Go.

All future version of Android will have an optimized Android GO for cheap devices.

Smartphone companies will potentially start making handsets with the lighter OS by the end of this year. Countries like India, Indonesia will see devices with Android GO.


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