YouTube Can No Longer Monetize A Channel Until It Reaches 10,000 Views


Five years ago, YouTube started YouTube partnership program and allowed YouTube users earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. This model helped YouTube a lot and the video sharing service has grown exponentially.

But this money also created the problem and people started uploading copyrighted content owned by other YouTubers or big record labels. YouTube always takes strict action against it, but it couldn’t combat this problem effectively.

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Now, it has announced a change to its partnership program to keep bad YouTube partners away. Now, creators will not be able to monetize their channel until they hit 10,000-lifetime views.

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YouTube thinks that this time will give the company enough time to analyze if the channel is legit and the number is not so high to discourage new creators from joining the program.

If you are a creator with a channel having less than 10,000 views and few dollars earned, you do not need to worry. This change will not affect the earnings of existing creators.

I think this change will not affect a genuine creator who wants to showcase his potential and earn money. A good video can easily surpass 10000 views on YouTube.

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