HTC’s first Android Wear smartwatch is on the way

HTC Halfbeak
HTC Halfbeak


While many smartphone manufacturers are into smartwatch business, HTC has yet to debut in this. The company was rumoured to work on a smartwatch, but we never got any confirmed detail.

Now, HTC’s first Android wear powered smartwatch finally been leaked, under the codename ‘Halfbeak.’

These images were originally posted on Weibo.

From photos, it is clear that HTC has partnered with Amour, a fitness company, to release this watch. HTC already collaborated with Amour earlier this year for HTC UA HealthBox. Logo of Amour is clearly visible at the back side along with the logo of HTC.

It also has two physical buttons for navigation purpose.

Check these photos of HTC halfbeak.

This watch gas fully round 360×360 display with relatively small metal bezels. It also has optical heart rate monitor and four pins for the connection of a charger.

We are not sure when HTC will announce this smartwatch. it is also not clear whether this project is in work or not.

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