5 Things You Should Know About iPhone’s Leasing Option



Few days back, we reported that Apple is giving Indian people an option to lease an iPhone starting for Rs. 999. After that, we received various emails and calls for more information about this option. People were curious but, it was not clear how one can lease an iPhone in India. We also couldn’t make it clear in previous reporting. So, we tried to know how Apple is running this plan in India and how one can take benefit of it. After few research, we found few things you should know before taking an iPhone on lease. These are 5 important things.

1. Apple has officially nothing to do with this

Yes, Apple has clarified that iPhone ads and lease options in India are not from the company. Few distributors are running this offer and they are promoting this on their behalf. All those advertisements on paper were y distributors. This is the reason, no information about this plan is available on Apple India’s official website.  So, you cannot take benefit of this offer if Apple’s distributor near your place is not running this kind of promotional offer.

So, you should go to distributors and ask if they are also offering the iPhone on lease. As per the information available, only a few distributors are involved. So, most of the people will be disappointed.

2. It is restricted to corporations

Yes, this is true. This option is restricted to corporations and not for all. So, this option is available for limited people. Now, we cannot confirm if distributors are directly dealing with companies for offering this to their employees or an employee of reputed corporate company can go and ask distributor to get an iPhone on lease.

3. Not just iPhoen SE, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are also available on lease

I also mentioned this in the previous article. Apple’s iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S are available on lease. For iPhone SE, you will be paying Rs. 999 per month. Similarily iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S are available for Rs 1,199 and Rs 1,399 per month lease. You can take any of these and pay the monthly price. I am sure you can get the bigger iPhone models for lease. While pricing is not available, you may ask distributor for this.

4. You can switch iPhone model anytime

This is a good option if you lease an option. You can switch to other iPhone models available in this plan. Suppose, you selected iPhone SE for lease and after 4 months you want to use iPhone 6S, you can switch to this model and start paying Rs. 1199 in place of Rs. 999. Not just upgrade, you can also downgrade the iPhone model. As the plan is distributor dependent, few distributors may not allow downgrading. So, make it clear before you do the contract.

5. Not just iPhone, iPad models are also on lease

Yes, few distributors are also offering iPad Air on lease. Other IPad models may also be on lease. Again I want you to go and confirm if distributor near your place is offering this product on lease.

These were few things which you must know if you are thinking to take an iPhone on lease. If you are comfortable, you can go and ask distributors near your place.