Google Search app is now better in understanding more complex, natural-language questions


Searching questions on Google to get answer is now a part of our life. This is the reason, Google always try to understand what users exactly want to ask in search queries. Most of the people still think that Google is just a keyword based search engine but this is not true. It can not only understand the true meaning of your queries but can also understand if there is a spelling mistake while typing the query. It all started with ‘Knowledge Graph’ which is now the backbone of Google Now. You can ask questions in similar way you ask to a human. Until today It was limited to simple questions only, but it is now becoming smarter with recent changes.

Today, Google also confirmed that it can now understand natural language and more complex questions to give the answer you want. Google’s technology will break complex questions down to understand what you want to ask. See the below example to understand how it works.

google search

This was just an example and you can try asking some more complex questions to test it. Few other questions are below:

What was the population of Singapore in 1965?

What songs did Taylor Swift record in 2014?

What was the Royals roster in 2013?

Who are the tallest Mavericks players?

What are the largest cities in Texas?

What are the largest cities in Iowa by area?

Google is still learning and you will still find it in early stage. But the knowledge graph is expanding every minute or second to traverse more useful information to provide you better and relevant results.

Updates for Google Search app with improved voice search will be available over next few days for Android and iOS. So, you should wait before you try asking these questions.

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