Adblock Plus finally comes as browser for Android and iOS


Adblock Plus adsPopular ad blocking software Adblock Plus finally has its own web browser for iOS and Android platforms. So, users who do not want to see ads while web browsing can use this browser.

For Android, it launched the beta version back in May. At the same time, company started testing Adblock plus browser for iOS in private beta. Now, final version of Adblock Plus browser is available.

Adblock wanted to launch its browser for iOS because it knew that iOS 9 will come with option for content blocking extensions. It will enable developers to create ad blockers and other kind of content blockers for the platform which could compete with Adblock Plus. SO, it wanted to be early in market to grab users.

You can download the app now from Google Play and the App Store.

This browser will surely not make web publishers happy. Web publishers invest their time, money and effort in creating content and make it available for free with an hope to earn from ads revenue. But people do not want to pay them just by not blocking ads. Most of the users who face too much ads are because of the malicious browser extensions. But ultimately web publishers are suffering due to Adblock plus. Yes, users can whitelist publishers to support them. But, I am not sure how many will have courage to do this.

Source: Adblock Plus


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