OnePlus One is with its Custom ROM, Android Lollipop Alpha

OnePlus One is with it's Custom ROM, Android Lollipop Alpha
OnePlus One is with it's Custom ROM, Android Lollipop Alpha


OnePlus One launched in India with great expectations and reached them, but with some problems. It faced ban in India, as raised by Micromax for using the Cyanogen Operating System. There was a deal between Micromax and Cyanogen which gives Micromax exclusive rights of Cyanogen OS. It created trouble for OnePlus because its smartphone runs on Cyanogen.

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But, now OnePlus One is free from ban and it has come up with its own software by name Android Lollipop Alpha and it is the custom ROM based on Android. OnePlus One has the total control on this. It is still in the first stage of development. Official website of OnePlus One has provided the link to download ROM, but there are some bugs in it. Once ROM become stable, it will be available for download and can be used by everyone. Android Lollipop Alpha is not dependent on Cyanogen in any way.

Some of the known bugs or issues with ROM are,

  1. By default Data Roaming is ON. We need to turn it off manually.
  2. Giving different problems to mobile and it is advisable to backup the data every time.
  3. Video and Camera are not stable. Clarity of video and it’s quality are not fine at present.
  4. Crashing of Clock occurs frequently.
  5. Unstable Wi-Fi.

If you are fond of using OnePlus One, then be ready to use Android Lollipop Alpha, its custom ROM. Please, do share with us if you have nay more information through comments.

Source: OnePlus One Forum