YouTube Experimenting On Autoplay Of Next Videos [Exclusive]


YouTube is the source of many videos. Every video must belong to one or the other channel. If you want to upload a video to the YouTube, you must create a channel. So, a channel can contain one or more videos. Creating playlists is the important feature of YouTube which helps us to categorize videos of same category in to a group called Playlist. So, when you play a playlist, one after the other video keeps on playing. There is nothing to say in this as it is the default behaviour of a playlist in any music player or YouTube.


But, recently YouTube is experimenting on playing the next YouTube video automatically. This was first spotted back in August by Google Operating Systems. But they added some cookie trick to check this new feature. Now, few number of users in India have started seeing this on YouTube. And this time, Google has added few more options in the feature. Even though you play a single video which does not belong to any playlist, there are some videos on the left side which can be chosen by the user. But, YouTube has been experimenting on the Autoplay feature, which plays the next YouTube video automatically.


When you open YouTube and play a video, you can see this Autoplay option on the top left, which is enabled by default.

full total autoplay

This brings some uncomfortable to users and it can be toggled to turn it ON and OFF. If you turn it OFF, this does not play the next video automatically. It will be in disabled state until you enable it again.

disable autoplay

One of the important features in this Autoplay feature is, if you are playing the video in full screen or normally with autoplay enabled, you can see the text as “Up Next” showing the next video to be played and with loading animation.


If you are not using the browser for some time, it shows you the message “Busy? We’ve paused autoplay.”  When you return back to the YouTube tab, autoplay is enabled again. It is available for most of the users now irrespective of browsers. This turns out to be the experiment by YouTube, but not liked by many.

If you are also seeing this on YouTube, please share it with us in comments.