Victoria’s secret launches sports Bra that can monitor Heart-rate



Popular lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret has launched a sports bra that can monitor heart-rate. To monitor heart rate, sensors are built into the fabric. But users need to have heart-rate monitoring device to check the data collected by this bra.

heart rate monitor sports Bra

This heart-rate monitor compatible sports bra costs $75. It has been built by the technology from Finnish fabric maker Clothing+.

To use this bra to monitor your heart rate, Moisten electrode areas on inside of bra and then attach heart-rate transmitter to hookups on front of the bra. If there is a flashing light, it means it is properly connected. Also check if the electrodes are pressed firmly against your skin throughout workout for a good connection. Once you have finished workout, detach the transmitter and then connect it with compatible device to retrieve results.

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Last year, Microsoft also launched smart bra which stops you over eating. It had removable sensors to monitor heart and skin activity and predict the feelings.