YouTube to Start Auditing Video Views


Today, YouTube has announced that it is going to start auditing the views of videos to reduce fake view counts. This will help viewers get a clear number of video views. It will also hurt those people who use fake ways to increase number of views of their videos.

YouTube turns Eight Years Old

“As part of our long-standing effort to keep YouTube authentic and full of meaningful interactions, we’ve begun periodically auditing the views a video has received. While in the past we would scan views for spam immediately after they occurred, starting today we will periodically validate the video’s view count, removing fraudulent views as new evidence comes to light. We don’t expect this approach to affect more than a minuscule fraction of videos on YouTube, but we believe it’s crucial to improving the accuracy of view counts and maintaining the trust of our fans and creators,” YouTube announced.

YouTube also said that it does not expect this to affect too many videos. But this will discourage the services which offer fake YouTube views. I have seen many services that ask money and provide video views. But most of those marketing companies are providing fake video views.

There are many people on YouTube who try to increase view counts by any mean. This move will surely help Google in making YouTube a better place for marketing companies.

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