Flipkart eBooks Reader Gets Text to Speech on Android



Flipkart eBooks has introduced new Text to Speech feature on Android. This feature is really helpful for visually challenged people who cannot read ebooks properly on smartphone. This Text to Speech feature was already available on iOS.

Flipkart ebooks reader

Flipkart has also celebrated Flipkart eBooks first anniversary on November 28th. As a part of celebration, company is also offering more than 1,00,000 ebooks only for Rs. 99 or less.

With Flipkart eBooks app, you can browse the catalog of ebooks on Flipkart. You can also access the sample of ebook before buying. This app also has a synchronize feature to sync your reading with other devices. It means you can exit reading an ebook on a device and then start reading the book on other device from same point.

Users can also switch the reading mode, font size and orientation. App also supports regional languages in the digital format.

With this new version of app, you are no longer bound to read books only from Flipkart. You can also load your own book from other sources. There are also many other features in the app. Users can also download book for offline reading. You can download Flipkart Ebooks on Android from Google Play.