Apple Unveils iPhone 5S

iphone 5S
iphone 5S

Finally, Apple has launched its next generation iPhone at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. As expected, it is called iPhone 5S. Apple calls it most “forward-looking” iPhone ever launched. It will be available in gold, silver and graphite-grey colors.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S is powered by new A7 processor. This A7 processor contains more than 1 billion transistors onto 102 mm chip. Apple claims that iPhone 5S is five times faster than iPhone 5 and 56 times faster than original iPhone. It can also run 64 bit apps. Apple has also redesigned built-in apps (Email and Calendar) for new 64 bit architectures.

It features a 4-inch touchscreen display with 1136 x 640 pixel resolution. Apple has also upgraded its camera with 15% more area. Camera has 5 elements with an f/2.2 aperture. Larger sensor results bigger pixels. Camera is backed with dual LED flash. Two LED flashes have different color temperatures and illumination. In burst mode, camera can take 10 photos in a second.

Apple has also announced that iPhone 5S also features a fingerprint scanner. It aims to provide an extra layer of security. Apple says that most of the users do not want to add password. So, this fingerprint scanner will add a security directly on home button. It is called TouchID.


Apple claims that iPhone 5S offers 250 hours of standby time and 10 hours of LTE browsing.

iPhone 5S will go on sale on September 20 in nine countries including U.S., Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the U.K. In December, it will be launched in 100 more countries.


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