7 Features of Google Glass You Must Know

google glass

Google has shown the world that next generation computing device is wearable. I am talking about Google Glasses. It will be launched by the end of the year. It is research project by Google that was first unveiled almost a year ago on April 2012. This next generation technology comes with Google+ integration and aims to replace tablets and smartphones.

google glass

Google Glasses has a specially designed microphone and a partly transparent video screen on the glasses.

Here, We are listing 7 best important features of Google Glass in details. It will help you to understand what is Google Glass and how it works?

1. Respond to Voice Commands, Can take picture and record videos

Google Glass supports voice input. You only need to give a voice command to it and it will respond according to your command. If you want to take a picture of the view, just give a command to glass and it will capture the photo. The same can be done for video recording. It has 4 GB flash storage that is enough for your photos and videos.

2. Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and GPS connectivity

Google Glass comes with inbuilt wireless connectivity. So, it can surf the web for you on the go. It has various connectivity options so you are always connected with Internet.

3. Ask Anything, It has Digital Voice Assistance

Google Glass is connected to internet and works similar to Google Now. You can ask Google Glass anything and it will respond with answer in few seconds. For example you want to know the live score of the Match, ask Google Glass about the score and it will tell you the current score of the match.

4. Google+ Integration

Google Glass comes with deep Google+ integration. So you are connected with your Google+ friends all the time. You can share pictures and videos taken from the glass with the circles on Google+. You can also make a video call or receive a video call in the Google Glass. It is really an amazing feature.

5. Path Locator on maps

When you are travelling, there may be possibility that you do not know about the way. You can take the help of Google Glass. It will show you the way on Google Maps. Now you know where to turn and where to stop. It comes with GPS, so it can easily show your exact position on map and then tell you how to follow the path.

If you are going to meet a person, you can easily search for his location on Maps. This is really helpful in finding a person in crowd. You know you position on Maps and other person position. So, you know how to reach to the person.

See this video to know how it guides:

6. Access to text Messages and Emails

With Google glasses, you can easily receive and see the ext messages and emails. If you want to reply, just speak everything and it will type the whole message. Give voice command and you message has been sent.

7. Live video sharing

You can also show the world what you seeing live. It is just like people are watching the world by your eyes. If you are in a party, you can able to share your live vision with your friends. Everything just by a voice command. There is no need to do extra effort for this.

See the video below:

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