Yahoo expands Facebook integration to 26 more sites

Few months back, Yahoo had announced the integration of facebook in Yahoo news which allows users to share what they are reading in Yahoo news. After just 2 months of launch, 1 million articles are being shared to Facebook daily leading to 500,000 daily referrals. To get more, Yahoo is now expanding facebook integration to 26 more of its sites including Yahoo! News Philippines and France, as well as vertical sites like OMG, Music, Movies, and Games.

Yahoo has also announced a new notification feature for US sites only which will notify users when someone will reply to their comments.

According to the reports, the integration with Facebook increased referral traffic from Facebook of Yahoo news, 3 times along with sharing articles to Facebook, the integration powers on-site reading recommendations based on the activity of friends.

These reports can attract few more websites to launch this type of autosharing feature to get more readers on the internet.

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