Microsoft launches "Your Browser Matters", a tool for web browser security

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Microsoft has launched a website,”Your browser matters” that aims to give a full detail about the browser security to users. If you visit the the website, it automatically detects the browser and returns a browser security score on a scale of 4 points.
The website says that the aim of the website is to show you how browser helps keep you secure online. 
It also shows the detail about the security features of your browser and rate the browser based on the security level it has.

This website will encourage users to upgrade to a newer browser and install all security patches. This website gives 2 to 2.5 points to chrome and Firefox browsers but full points to Internet Explorer 9. IE 7 gets only 1 point while IE 6 gets no points at all.
This website does not rate safari web browser

I was really disappointed to see the Microsoft has launched this service as a promotional tool and boasts that Internet Explorer 9 is most secure. While we all know the truth.

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