Apple Unveils Siri, Voice Assistant in iPhone 4S

Apple has announced its new iPhone 4s in the Apple’s event in California where it has unveiled Siri, a new iPhone feature which lets you to talk with your iPhone. Apple calls Siri, personal voice assistant.

Apple VP Scott Forstall demonstrated Siri’s ability to process natural language and respond accordingly. He asked about the weather and iPhone responded with the weather forecast. This new technology is capable of parsing natural human language.

Siri can do lots of things for you such as it can read your messages, search in web and schedule calendar appointments. You can ask anything and Siri will try to find out the answer by searching on web.

Siri will come with built-in support for English, French and German languages. At this stage this in in beta launch. Company sis working hard to improve the features and make it more accurate. We can expect the better version in next iOS update.

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