Google Allo now turns your selfies into sticker packs


Remember Google Allo? Google’s smart messaging app Allo failed to attract users but Google us trying hard to make it interesting. Now it has int introduced an interesting neural network powered feature that turns your photo into a sticker.

This feature is easy to use. Simply snap a selfie, and it will return the automatically generated illustrated version of you. It will also give you the option to customize the illustrations.

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I use stickers and emojis a lot to type less and still express myself easily. If I had to use stickers of me, I will love this.

Google’s Allo team worked with Machine Perception researchers to create the algorithm that can pick out easily recognizable features of your face and abstract details that do not matter much.

Google confirmed that up to 563 quadrillion combinations are possible. If you are happy with results, you can generate a bunch of stickers to use in the conversation.

Google is rolling out this selfie-to-sticker tool to Allo for Android devices. It will be rolled out to iOS soon.

I personally like this app because of interesting features it offers, but none of my friends are there. So, I can’t use it. If you are not using the app, I will recommend you to try this and see how this selfie sticker feature works.

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