7 Best Video Compressor Apps For Android

Best Video Compressor Apps for Android
Best Video Compressor Apps for Android

Video content is now an important part of our life. We watch and share videos on different social media platforms. But sharing High-Quality videos on different social media platforms is not possible due to bandwidth and size limit. For example, You cannot share a video of size more than 25 MB on Gmail or more than 16MB on WhatsApp. This is the reason, video compressor apps play an important role. Not just for sharing on social media, you can use video compressor apps to compress videos stored on your phone to increase free space.

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We have tested several video compressor apps for Android and prepared a list of best video compressor apps for Android. So, here is the list of best compressor apps that offer video compressor without affecting video quality much.

Video Compressor Apps for Android

Here is a list of best video compressor apps for Android. You can download and use any of these video compressor apps to compress a video to reduce its size.

1. Video Transcoder

Video Transcoder

Video Transcoder is one of the best Android apps that let to compress videos and convert them to several other video formats depending on your choice. You can also trim videos, extract audio and perform more tasks. It supports Avi, Flv, Gif, Matroska, Mp3, Mp4, Ogg, Opus, WebM video formats and H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VP8, VP9, Xvid video codecs. The encoding process is fast and it saves the files to internal storage pf the phone. Video Transcoder an open-source app and comes without any ad. So, it offers


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2. VidCompact

VidCompact: Video compressor app

VidCompact is another popular video compression app you can try. It is made by the same developer who made VideoShow video editor app. VidCompact is not just a video compressor app but also offers options like trimming video and renaming. This app also supports batch conversion. It claims to offer up to 54% of compression. You have the option to select an output resolution as well. At the time of selecting the option for compression, you can choose to trim the video if you wish.

This app is free but shows ads.


3. Video Compress

Video Compress

Video Compress makes video compression easy. You can adjust the video quality between high, normal and low for different levels of compression. It supports all video formats and offers an easy to use interface. It also allows the video to audio conversion. You also remove audio from videos. The app has an easy to use friendly interface and supports almost all video formats. You can also use it to convert video to audio. The app can also rotate video if you want. You can use this app to compress videos to reduce the size of a video before sharing it on social media websites.


4. Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2 is a feature-rich video compressor for Android. This app is very light in weight and comes in just 2.2 MB of size. It supports photo-editing as well and you can also rotate videos. It also supports the conversion of 4K content. You also get the option of applying photo filters. You have 24 different photo filters. Like other video compressor apps, it also offers options to decide the video quality: low, high and medium.

Video Dieter 2 is a free app with ads. It also has some locked features that you can unlock by recommending the app to your friends.


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5. Videos & Movies Compressor

Videos & Movies Compressor

Videos & Movies Compressor is also a nice app to compress videos on Android. It supports all popular video formats. You can choose the size through a slider that adjusts the shrinking level. It also supports background conversion, so you can even do other tasks while it performs compression. It lacks compression of multiple videos into one file. It also works fine with camera recording. You can use it to resize gallery videos and increase free space.


6. Video Compress

Video Compress

Video Compress is also a similar app that does what it claims. It shrinks the size of the video to save bandwidth and space both. You can use this app to compress video by up to 80% without any quality loss. So, it can save a lot of storage on your phone. You can also compress videos before sharing on social media to make the sharing faster and save bandwidth. The app can also be used to extract audio from a video.


7. Video Compressor

Video Compressor app for Android

Video Compressor is also a similar kind of app that reduces the size of videos to save enough storage on your device. It compresses videos to high, normal or low quality. You can cut a part of the video, fast forward it and extract audio from video. Not just videos, it can also compress photos if you want.

The app is free to download and easy to use. It contacts ads and offers in-app purchases.


Final Words

Now you have a list of best video compressor apps for Android. These Android apps help you in reducing video file size and increase the free space of your phone. You can use any of these free apps and start compressing videos.

Which video compressor App for Android do you use? Let us know this in the comments section below.


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