7 Best Typography Apps for Android and iOS

Typography apps for android and ios
Typography apps for android and ios


If you want to give your interface a happy and joyful mood and make it look visually appealing, then you have come to the right place. Yes, you guessed it right, here we are about to tell you why typography is important in today’s world and how you can make your text look more aesthetic.

So, first thing first, why is typography considered as an art? Or why it should be considered important in today’s era? Starting with the basics; typography is basically called the art or a technique of styling printed or typed matter on images in order to make it look beautiful. It adds a little bit of feel and professional touch to the text.

Now, why is it important?

Giving importance to typography is a must because: firstly, The text on images is an eye-catcher and attracts readers. The font adds value to your text and helps readers to perceive information from the text. The correct choice of color, font, and text size can prove to be vital for attracting your target audience. Secondly, it depicts professionalism. The correct addition of typography in a design project reflects great professionalism. Appropriate use of text font and size on any image gains the trust of the reader. Lastly, it conveys a great mood or feeling.

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So without much ado, here we have the best applications which can be used to add a lot of aesthetic value to your content.

Best Typography Apps for Android and iOS

1. Font Studio-Photo Text Image:

typography apps

This is application is one of the most popular application out there which offers 120+ stylish fonts to make your content more attractive and defined. If you think that these aren’t enough for you then go ahead and download fonts separately. No stopping. Moreover, these fonts are also totally customizable, and you can easily change their color, transparency, size, and add shadows. It also has basic photo editing features like filters, frames, shapes, brightness adjustment, and 400+ stickers. It also has a share button which makes it a whole lot easier to share your photos over social media.

Download: Android

Similar app in iOS

2. Fonteee


This application provides you with a brand new way to express yourself. In only a few seconds, you can add real-time text and filters directly to your camera. Also, it lets you provide captions, quotes, or anything creative that pops in your head to your camera and then quickly share it with your friends. Fonteee is more than a tool to create text on the photo or write memes on pictures. It also has various photo editing features. 10000+ free stickers and 1000+ quotes stickers will make your photo stand out.

Download: Android

3. Typography Master

typography app for android

If you want to send visually appealing texts to your friends, and make them happy then this application is just right for you. The app is designed to send messages on social media networks or update your status, and it is not for customizing your photos. Just type your text and select from forty to fifty different designs to convert your plain text into a piece of art.  You can then save them in the form of images for later use, and with one single tap, you can share them over Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Download: Android

4. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos

text on image app

With this text on image app, you can choose from millions of templates, graphics, and fonts to overlay. You can add and edit text and design photos to boost your social media profile by using this app. This app has a user-friendly design and makes it fun turning photos into gorgeous graphic art.

Download Now: iOS


overlay typograhy app

For all those who are extremely serious about photo editing, this is one of the best options for you. Even though it is paid, it offers more than 300 fonts and lets you add vivid typography, and it offers a proper environment to edit your photos according to their requirement, like you can create greeting cards, business cards, make a meme, add captions and much more. All in all, this application is a savior for those who have no clue about design and Photoshop.

Download: Android


With absolutely zero limitations, Phonto lets you edit your content with stunning typography with all the basic edits. For Android, they provide 200 free fonts and for iOS, they have about 400 free to use fonts, and even add more fonts using the font upload feature. You can easily customize the font text, including resize, change color, rotate, manage spacing and also add custom shadows. If you are not comfortable with ads, then you can remove them by paying $.99 as an in-app purchase.

Download: Android

6. Font Candy

text on photo

This application lets you sit in the creator’s chair and allows you to produce custom designs in seconds. Add quotes, artwork, filters, colors, and even layer multiple images!

Choose from a curetted collection of fonts or put your own ideas into reality to overlay beautiful text on your photos. Get creative and add intricate designs using shape, symbols, or emojis. Whether you are looking to create some amazing artwork, celebrate a special occasion, or make the next trending meme Font Candy is for you.

Download: iOS

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So, wake up your inner designer with these best typography applications and create beautiful pieces of art whenever you want, and wherever you want.