8 Best Cinemagraph Apps for Android



Cimegraph makes a photo stand out and sometimes it really looks beautiful. You just need to be a bit creative. Cinemagraph is a relatively new concept but has become popular on social media recently. I could see several Facebook ads on social media using Cinemagraph.

If you don’t know what is Cinemagraph, Cinemagraph is a still photo in which a minor part shows a repeated movement. So, Cinemagraphs are posted in form of animated GIFs or videos and people think they are actually watching an animated video. If you haven’t seen a cinemagraph before, you can have a look at the image below.

In earlier days, people used to work on Photoshop for making cinemagraphs. Now with increasing use of smartphones, there are several Android apps for making cinemagraphs. If you are looking for the best Cinemagraph Apps for Android, you can have a look at the list given here.

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Before you use any of these Cinemagraph apps, you should know that stabilization is really important if you are recording a cinemagraph. Some of these apps have built-in EIS for recording stabilized videos. But few apps don’t feature that. Even if there is support for EIS, use of a tripod is recommended for best results.

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Cinemagraph Apps for Android

Here are a few good Cinemagraph Apps for Android. You can use any of these apps for creating awesome looking Cinemagraph.

1. Zoetropic (free) – Photo in motion


Zoetropic is the best Android app that you can use for making Cinemagraph on your Android phone. The app gives you the ability to give life to your photos. You can either capture a new photo or use an existing photo to make Cinemagraph.

Use the Movement tool to define what point you want to give life and use the stabilization tool to define what point not be moved. You need to understand the tool properly before you make use of it for creating a perfect Cinemagraph.

The final result is saved in a video format. In the free version of the app, you can export only in video format with a watermark logo at the top. If you want to export Cinemagraphs without a logo, you can buy the premium version of the app.


2. Fotodanz


Fotodanz is also a good app for capturing moments of your life and make cool animated cinemagraphs from it. You just need to shoot a short video clip and then choose the area you want to animate. There are numbers of filters and editing tools to enhance your cinemagraphs.

The free version of the app just comes with basic photo filters. If you want animated wallpapers or advanced photo filters, you can use the in-app purchase option. The free version of the app export Cinemagraphs with a watermark logo.


3. Lumyer


Lumyer is a popular app for photo editing, adding filters to it. The app also allows you to add animated effects on photos for making cinema graphs. The app was also selected by Google as one of the best apps of 2016.

You can either choose a photo from Gallery or capture one to edit. You can add cool animated effects and then save the Cinemagraphs in GIF format. The app also allows you to share your awesome Cinemagraphs on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or other social media apps.


4. StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph


StoryZ Photo motion is another nice app that can add visual effects to still images. So, you can make your photos come to life and create awesome cinemagraphs. There are also several effects and filters for improving the output. You can add direction pointers for movement or merge a still photo with a video overlay to create amazing cinemagraphs. You can create, save and share videos in high resolution. The app is free, contains ads, and offers in-app purchases.


5. VIMAGE – cinemagraph animator & live photo editor


VIMAGE is also a popular cinemagraph app for adding moving effects and elements to your photos. You just need to either select a photo from the gallery or capture one. Then you can select an effect you like. There are over 70 built-in effects and more will be added. You can save your final cinemagrah on phone or share it on social media.


6. Motion Stills

Motion Stills

Motion Stills is a Google app that lets you create cinemagraphs and time-lapse videos. This is a very basic app, so there are no good editing tools. You can capture a short 3s clip with a simple tap and share your Motion Stills as looping GIFs. It uses Google’s advanced stabilization and rendering technology for creating cinemagraphs or sweeping cinematic pans.


7. Motion Stills

Motion Stills

Motion Stills is the app by Google that lets you create both cinemagraphs and time-lapse videos. The app is very basic and doesn’t offer many editing tools. The app lets you create looping 3-second video and the video stabilization of the app ensures that the video looks like a still image.


8. Cinemagraph


Cinemagraph is a reliable app for making cimenagraphs on your phone. The only issue with the phone is that it doesn’t feature stabilizer, so you need a smartphone Tripod to make sure your videos are not shaky. You will have to draw the area that you want to animate and then shoot the video. The app also lets you edit your recorded cinemagraph frame-by-frame. You can add filters and even customize every frame as per your need.


Final Words

All of these apps let you create awesome cinemagraphs for free, but most of these apps add watermarks. Some of these just allow lower-quality video export. For making the best use of these cinemagraph apps, you need to purchase the paid version of the app.

I have listed all the apps I could find and test. If you feel that I have missed a cool cinemagraph app for Android that could have been part of the list, you can let me know about it. I will surely try it and add it to the list.