3 Best Sites to Test Monitor’s Refresh Rate

Monitor Refresh Rate
Monitor Refresh Rate


Refresh rate is one of the important factors we see while buying a monitor. Gamers prefer having a monitor with a higher refresh rate. Monitors now come with up to 360Hz refresh rate but there’s always a catch. Most monitors support a higher refresh rate only on the display port. If you use it with an HDMI cable, you won’t get the maximum refresh rate advertised by the monitor brand. Some of the monitors have an option to show a live refresh rate counter at a corner of the display. So, you know how much refresh rate you are getting. But this isn’t the case for all. If you want to check the live refresh rate of your monitor, there are some cool websites. These websites let you test your display and determine its refresh rate. So, you know if you are getting what the brand claims.

What is the Refresh rate?

The refresh rate in a monitor is the rate at which the monitor changes images. The faster the refresh rate, the smoother the experience will be. Basic displays come with a 60Hz refresh rate. Gaming monitors and some high-end smart TVs now offer 120, 144, or 240Hz refresh rates. Now several smartphones even offer 90, 120, and 144Hz displays. If you have a display with a higher refresh rate, you can use these online tools to test if the display is offering the refresh rate claimed by its brand.

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Online Tools to Test Monitor’s Refresh Rate

Try these online tools for refresh rate test of your monitor.

1. DisplayHZ

Test Monitor's refresh rate

DisplayHZ is an impressive website that shows the refresh rate of your monitor. As soon as you open the website, it starts calculation and then shows the refresh rate in Hertz in a few seconds. This online tool uses the algorithm of vsynctester.com, an online tool to measure VSYNC synchronization, display Hz, and input lag. What I really liked about DisplayHZ is that it shows refresh rate in 6 decimals and offers accurate results. You can also use it to compare the refresh rate of multiple displays.

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2. TestUFO

Test Monitor refresh rate

TestUFO is a similar website where you can check the refresh rate of the display. As soon as you open the website, it starts testing the refresh rate automatically. In a few seconds, you will see the current refresh rate in the middle of the screen. This tool also suggests waiting for at least 30 seconds to get an accurate measurement. It sows frame rate, refresh rate, pixel per frame, and pixel per sec.

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3. Display Test

test Monitor refresh Rate

Display Test is also a good website that shows the display refresh rate. It also tells you the Frame Rate, Sync, Display resolution, color depth, and colors of your monitor. This is also a simple tool and tells you the refresh rate as soon as you open the website. Everything starts automatically.

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These are some good websites for refresh rate test. All these websites work well and lets you know the refresh rate of your display. If you use these tools on your smartphone, they will tell you the refresh rate of your phone’s display.