6 Best Leetcode Alternatives

LeetCode alternatives

If you are into programming or a commuter science student, you may have already heard about LeetCode. Leetcode is an online platform where you get a collection of coding challenges. You can use the platform to prepare for technical interviews, as well as improve your programming skills in general. The platform provides several programming challenges that cover a wide range of topics, including algorithms, data structures, database design, and more. Due to its comprehensive collection of challenges, it has become really popular among software developers who are preparing for interviews. The platform also has a large community of users who discuss and collaborate on solutions. Users earn points and badges as they solve more challenges. Many people share this in their resume as an achievement.

Leetcode is not the only platform for coding practice. There are also several platforms to practice code problems. If you are looking for good LeetCode alternates, keep reading. In this article, I am making a list of the best LeetCode alternatives.

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Leetcode Alternatives

1. HackerRank

HackerRank is a popular coding platform that offers a wide range of challenges for users to solve, including data structures, algorithms, and more. It also has a community of developers who can discuss and collaborate on solving problems. The company claims that more than 40% of developers worldwide use the platform. HackerRank also provides a hiring platform for companies to evaluate technical skills of potential candidates. Several notable companies actively use HackerRank to hire skilled developers. I rank it as the best alternative to Leetcode.

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2. Codewars

Codewars is also an impressive Leetcode alternative. It offers a gamified platform for learning and practicing coding skills. Users can choose from a variety of challenges that range in difficulty and language, and earn points and ranks as they progress. The platform works in the same way. You create a code to solve the problem and submit it. It will instantly tell you if your code satisfies the test cases and executed successfully. Codewars also allows users to create and share their own challenges with the community. By solving different problems, you can level up your profile and push your software development skills.

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3. Hackerearth

HackerEarth is also a similar platform for solving programming challenges. This platform lets you practice codes and compete against other users. It is also used by several companies to hire top talents by conducting coding tests, aptitude tests, and other assessments. Many companies also use this platform for running hackathons and managing their recruitment process. If you are a computer science student from any Indian university, it could be a right platform to get an internship or a job offer from a good company.

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4. CodeChef

CodeChef is an India-based competitive programming platform that offers regular coding competitions and challenges for users to participate in. It also has a community of programmers who can discuss and collaborate on solutions. If you are thinking to learn how to code, you can start using Codechef to learn a programming language of your choice, practice problems, compete with other users on the platform, and more. The platform aims to help you improve your coding skills. CodeChef also offers a certification program for users to demonstrate their coding skills.

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5. TopCoder

TopCoder is another competitive programming platform that offers regular coding competitions and challenges for users to participate in. It also has a large community of programmers who can discuss and collaborate on solutions. The platform helps you learn data science, development, and design. TopCoder also offers a gig marketplace for users to find coding work and get paid for their skills. This is the reason most developers prefer using TopCoder after they have acquired enough skills to work on different projects.

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6. Project Euler

Project Euler offers a unique approach to coding challenges, where users must solve complex mathematical problems using programming. The challenges are designed to test problem-solving skills, and offer a fun and interesting way to learn and practice coding. The platform claims to have over a million registered members who have solved at least one problem on the platform. If you are looking for a good platform to solve tough coding problems and improve your coding skill, you can try this one.

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