What is Programming?

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best laptops for programming


I am sure you may have already heard about computer programming. People who study computer science usually do computer programming and also get a high-paid job in different IT companies. If you don’t understand the term Programming, keep reading. In this article, I will explain what is Programming in detail.

What is Programming?

In simple words, “Programming is a way to give instructions to the computer and get a task done.” So, Programming is basically “telling a computer what to do and how to do.”

In complex or technical words, “Programming is the process of creating a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do.

All the mobile applications, software, and websites you use are the product of programming. If you click on a button and the computer performs an action, it is the result of the programming. Programming gave it the instruction to perform the action on the button click.

Programming is also referred to as Coding by several people. The person who writes the program is known as a Programmer (or a coder).

Unfortunately, the computer doesn’t understand the languages we use to communicate. Here I am talking about languages such as English, French, or Spanish. The computer understands machine languages. It is really difficult to understand. So, computer engineers developed programming languages that convert our instructions into machine language.

For programming, you need to learn a programming language. There are several programming languages in use. That means you can give instructions to the computer by learning the available programming languages. Some popular programming languages are C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, and Perl.

Programming isn’t an easy task. Sometimes it takes hours of effort to make a computer program that you may find really simple.

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Coding vs Programming

Coding vs programming is a long debate and really complex to answer. Most people think coding and programming are the same. That’s the reason I mentioned coder word alongside Programming earlier in this article. Most people also refer to programming as coding. But there’s a difference. Coding is just the process of writing codes. But Programming is the process of developing an executable machine level program that runs without any error. So, coding is a subset of programming. Programming involves analyzing the problem, think about solutions, writing the code, and finally, come up with a program that solves the problem.

Should I learn Programming?

Several people ask me if they should learn Programming. My answer is always Yes. There;’s a bright career in programming and you could earn as good as $1,00,000 per year. Now, most of the things are connected to the Internet and require software. That’s the reason number of people learning Programming has increased a lot in recent years. It is also a high-paying job. So, people learn to code for a better career opportunity.

I personally feel programming I fun. It feels good to make your own website, app, or game. Windows, Android, and Websites like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter are the result of programming.

I already made a list of the best websites to learn programming for free. If you are thinking to be a programmer, don’t forget to check that list. If you have already decided what programming language you want to learn, check our course finder section. Here you can find the best courses of different programming languages.