5 Best Free and Open Source Typeform Alternatives

Open Source Typeform Alternatives

Typeform is a popular platform for creating different types of forms to collect data. These forms can also be integrated on website. The good thing about Typeform is that it also offers form templates to create different kinds of forms including registration forms, signup forms, survey forms, polls, quizes, feedback forms, and many more. You just need to visit the website, create an account, and start creating forms as per your need. Typeform is really helpful for people who do not know how to code. Typeform is basically a no-code form builder platform for making different kinds of platforms. Typeform also has more than 120 integrations to integrate these forms at most places. Typeform is a paid platform that offers different subscription plans. Not all people can afford Typeform. So, there are several free and open source alternatives to Typeform. These free Typeform alternatives are also no-code form builder platforms where you can make similar forms to use on your websites or at other places. In this article, I am listing free and open source alternatives to Typeform.

Note: Not all free platforms are open source. This list of TypeForm alternatives contains both free alternatives and open source alternatives to TypeForm 

Best free Typeform Alternatives

Open Source Typeform Alternatives

These are open source alternatives to Typeform. You get access to the source code. You can also use the source code to host the platform on your own server.

1. SnoopForms

SnoopForms is the best open source Typeform Alternative. This is also a no-code platform where you can create different forms to collect data. You get a dashboard to see and manage data collected from the forms you created. This platform is still in beta, so some features are still in development. You get Unlimited forms, Unlimited submissions, Basic Analytics, and more. The company is working to add email notifications, hidden fields, A/B Test of wording, In-depth analytics, and more.

SnoopForms: Typeform alternative

As I said, this platform is still in beta and developers are working on it to make it better, you will not get Integrations as in Typeform.

SnoopForms is free forever and is open source. You get the code on GitHub. If you are a developer, you can contribute. The company is also planning to bring a self-hosted version of SnoopForms with Enterprise features. The premium plan will be helpful for those who do not want to be into any complexity and still enjoy the platform with full support from developers.

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2. OhMyForm

OhMyForm is another open source type form alternative for creating forms. This platform lets users create beautiful embeddable forms for different purposes. All the forms it creates are also mobile-ready. OhMyForm also has several features that make it interesting. It has multi-language support, native analytics, form as service API, Embeddable Forms, support for Google Analytics, Web Hooks on Form Submission, and more. You can also export form data in XLS, JSON or CSV.


Developers behind OhMyFOrm are also working on a few more features like Payment Form field, encryption for all form data, custom subdomains for all users, 3rd party integration support, and more.

OhMyForm doesn’t offer a hosted platform. So, you need to download the code from Github and host it to somewhere for using its form builder.

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Open Source Typeform Alternatives

1. Google Forms

Google Forms is one of the most popular online form builders used by several professionals. It is a Google product, so it already has wide adoption. It is one of the best Typeform alternatives because it also lets you create different types of forms with different methods of asking questions. You can also easily share the forms and collect the answers. There are several features that make Google Forms worth trying. You can collaboratively build forms, and get response notifications. The platform offers more than 11 types of question formats. It also lets users customize the online surveys according to different customers.

If you do not want to be into much complexity and want a no-nonsense platform for creating online Formans, try Google Forms.

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2. Tally

Tally is a good and free Typeform alternative where you get an intuitive form-building tool. It offers an easy way of creating forms without knowing how to code. You can create forms for free with any limits and can also receive unlimited responses without needing to pay anything. There is no limit on numbers of forms or fields you want to add to your forms. The platform also has several features like payments, calculations, conditional logic, answer piping, hidden fields, and more. Tally also lets you create multi-page forms with custom layouts. You also get templates. You also get integrations such as Notion, Airtable, Google Sheets, Make, and Zapier.

Although there is a paid subscription called Tally Pro, most features of Tally are available for free to all users without limits. Tally Pro is mainly for those who need collaboration.

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3. Tripetto

Tripetto is also a good Tyoeform alternative where you can create different kinds of forms. The free version of Tripetto lets you make unlimited forms, with all layouts blocked, and unlimited form logic. So, Tripetto is another no-code form builder available for free of cost.

Tripetto’s main product is for WordPress users. The company also has Tripetto studio that works with other websites. If you do not have a WordPress website, try Tripetto. Tripetto Studio is also free with all Tripetto features.

If you want to unblock more features like Form activity tracking, remove Tripetto branding, multiple webhook connections, and more, you can get the pro version.

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Wrap Up

There are several premium form builder platforms but they charge high and free version doesn’t offer many features. I tested several form builders and made the list of best Typeform alternatives where you get most features people need in a free form builder platform. SnoopForms is my favorite. It is open source as well. Tally and Google Forms are also good. I have tested all these form builders. This is the reason I am recommending all these. You should try all these free form builders and see what suits your needs.

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