5 Best ChatGPT Alternatives

ChatGPT Alternatives

Since its public release, ChatGPT is the talk of the town. This AI chatbot has become really popular in a short span of time. It is also said to be the fasted app to reach 100 million users. It reached this milestone in just 2 months and has more than 13 million daily visitors as of January 2023. ChatGPT is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model and lets users have a conversation with an AI chatbot by entering different prompts. It can provide answers to anything. You can ask to get information, write codes, write essays, and more. But ChatGPT is not the only AI chatbot. If you really liked ChatGPT, you must also know about other similar AI ChatBots or ChatGPT alternatives. In this article, I am listing several ChatGPT alternatives you should try for sure. Some of these AI ChatBots are free but a few are also paid tools.

Before you check ChatGPT alternatives, you should know that we have made a directory of AI tools with the aim to list all the notable AI tools. You should not forget to check it.

ChatGPT Alternatives

Here’s a list of the best AI chatbots that can be seen as ChatGPT alternatives.

1. Google Bard

After chatGPT went viral, people were waiting for something from Google. It is because Google has been working on different AI features for years and the world expected something from Google before any other company. But to surprise many, OpenAI came with an AI chatbot that has shown the world how accurate an AI powered could be. In February 2023, Google unveiled Google Bard, an experimental conversational AI service. Bard is powered by a lightweight model version of LaMDA.

We are still waiting for the public release of Google Bard. It is only available to a few ‘trusted testers’ for now. Google plans to integrate Bard into the company’s search engine and will also use it to power other AI-powered features.

We cannot say when everyone will be able to try Google Bard, but I don’t think Google will take a longer time.

2. Bing AI

A few weeks back, Microsoft also released an upgraded version of Bing and Edge browser with the integration of AI. We know that Microsoft has significant stakes in OpenAI and aims to further invest in OpenAI. Microsoft’s recently unveiled AI features are actually powered by OpenAI’s AI. Bing AI is used an upgraded model of ChatGPT called ‘The Prometheus model.’ Microsoft claims that it is faster and more accurate.

Bing now has a chat mode that provides answers to different users’ queries in the same way we get in ChatGPT. Microsoft demonstrated the capabilities of Bing AI during the launch event. The feature is available to limited number of users and will be soon available to all users. The company is asking users to join the waitlist to get notifications when Bing AI is available to all.

3. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is a similar chatbot for business and is one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT. It is worth noting that Jasper is also based on GPT 3.5 and has OpenAI as its partner. But Jasper is specifically for businesses. This AI chatbot has learned from billions of articles on the internet and other information released before mid-2021. So, it may not be able to provide the most recent information. This tool can be used to summarize texts, write product descriptions, and check for plagiarism and grammar.

Jasper is free to use but there are Boss and Business premium plans. Premium plans are not cheap but will provide an uninterrupted experience and access to all of Jasper’s services.

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4. Chatsonic

Chatsonic is also one of the best ChatGPT alternatives you need to try. Like Jasper, Chatsonic is also built on top of ChatGPT. So, it inherits most capabilities. The most notable thing about Chatsonic is that it has access to up-to-date information on current events. So, it can provide answers and stories about recent incidents. This is the key feature that makes it different from ChatGPT which cannot provide the latest information. Chatsonic also has a voice dictation feature. So, you can speak prompts to get answers. Chatsonic also features a built-in image generator that can generate images by using text prompts. It also has a browser extension and an Android app.

Chatsonic is free for 2,500 but you will have to then pay. Premium plans start at $12 per month and can go up to $650 per month depending on your usage.

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5. YouChat

YouChat is also an impressive AI chatbot built into the search engine called ‘You.’ YouChat is rained on an upgraded large language ChatGPT model and has full access to the Internet. So, it offers the latest information and can answer you about recent incidents. You can talk to YouChat about any topic and keep having a conversation. YouChat can provide you with advice, write songs, summarize books, explain complicated concepts, and can also write code.

YouChat is completely free. You just need to visit the web page and start having a conversation.

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Which AI chatbot is right for you?

ChatGPT is the most popular and personal favorite of many, but different AI chatbots serve different purposes. For example, ChatGPT is impressive but does not have the latest information. It has been trained on the data up to 2021. YouChat and Chatsonic have access to the latest information and can access the internet to provide answers to recent events. Bing AI is similar to ChatGPT but is more powerful as it uses advanced mode. Jasper is mainly for businesses and marketers. Bard is a direct competitor to ChatGPT but we are still waiting to get the public release to try it out.

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