6 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

Battery Saver Apps for Android

The smartphone is now an important part of daily life. People now use cameras a lot to capture selfies. They are stuck on apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook to waste hours. Due to all these things, your phone consumes the battery faster. If you think your phone’s battery is draining quickly, you should think of optimizing the battery to get better battery life. There are a few steps that you can take to improve the battery backup of your smartphone. These steps include closing unnecessary applications, decreasing the brightness of the display, and many others. But there are some nice apps that can help you in this and save your battery. These Battery Saving Apps auto adjust volume, brightness, and other settings to save battery.


In this post, I am listing the 5 best battery saving apps that you can download and install on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

1. Battery Booster Lite

Battery Booster Lite

Battery Booster Lite is a good power management app for Android devices. The app provides accurate battery information and also keeps track of recent battery changes. It also helps you deal with battery-draining situations. The app has an interactive design and comes with a battery-saving mode. There are four battery saver modes that help you boost the battery backup of your phone. You can also create a personalized battery saver mode. The app keeps an eye on running apps and processors to tell you what process is draining the most battery, it saves battery by killing running background processes.

Battery Booster Lite provides time battery information that includes battery level, remaining battery backup time, and battery temperature.


2. Battery Guru

Battery Guru

Battery Guru is a similar app that tells you battery usage information. It also estimates battery backup time and helps you change your charging habits. The app also measures battery capacity. It keeps a history of charging and discharging to give you an idea of your charging habit. It also fine tunes apps and their battery usage. You can also check battery health from the app. Battery Guru also provides overcharge and overheat protection. It also keeps tracking the temperature of the battery.


3. Battery Saver

Battery Saver

Battery Saver is more than just a battery saver app. This app also includes several other utilities like Junk Cleaner, Ram Booster, App Lock, and more. This battery saver app for Android tells you the remaining charge time, charge history, battery information, smart power mode, and more. One can also optimize battery usage with just a single Tap.

The app also has a phone cooler feature that provides accurate phone temperature in real-time and disables apps that could be the reason for this heat. Battery saver also includes an Apps manager that lets you install apps directly from this app.


4. Accu​Battery

Accu​Battery: Battery saver app

Accu​Battery promises to extend the battery life of your phone by 200%. This app also includes a charging alarm to prevent overcharging. You will also get an insight into battery health. The app helps you spot power-hungry apps and kill those apps to boost battery backup. You also get real battery capacity, charging speed, and usage history.


5. Greenify

Greenify: Battery saver app

Greenify exist for years and has been offering a good user experience to Android users. This app helps you identify what app is making your phone slow and draining the phone’s battery. The app makes sure your phone runs fine. It identifies apps that are misbehaving or consuming a lot of battery. It automatically puts background running services into hibernation. The app is light in weight and doesn’t add load to the CPU and battery.


6. Battery Booster

Battery Booster

Battery Booster is a complex app that does lots of tasks on your smartphone. It is a battery booster and power management app as well. The app gives an interactive design and Automatic battery-saving mode. It tracks the battery usage and gives you suggestions based on that. The app comes in several languages as well. It offers details like battery level, battery temp, and remaining battery usage time.


Final Words

Now you have a list of the best battery saver apps for Android. If you think your phone’s battery drains too fast and apps on your phone are the reason, you can use any of these given apps to optimize the battery of your phone and optimize it for better battery life.

What do you do to keep your smartphone battery healthy and last longer? Share your favorite Battery Saving Apps and ideas with us via comments.

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