How to Keep smartphone battery healthy


People want smartphone with god battery backup and battery life. But these two things depends on the way we treat our smartphone. If we use our smartphone properly, battery backup and battery life both will remain good for a long time. Now a day smartphone comes with Lithium-ion batteries in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge, and back when charging.

These are few tips which you can follow to keep your battery healthy

Avoid completely discharge: Always take care of your smartphone battery and avoid completely discharge. Once charge drops too low, it affects the battery backup. You can plug or unplug charger at any time in these types of batteries as it has not memory effects.

Avoid Heat: Heat is the enemy of your smartphone’s battery. So always try to avoid it from heat as it may cause many bad effects. I know you can do this easily. Don’t leave your phone in a hot car or sitting in the sun.

Avoid cheap chargers: Most of the time we use cheap chargers when our original charger is not available or stolen. But these chargers produce too much heat while charging. It leaves bad effects on batteries.

Unplug the phone after finished charging: If your phone is on charging, then try to take care of its charging and unplug it just after it finished charging. Overcharging produce heat and affects battery life.

Manage your wireless connection: Wireless connections are the main reason for rapid drain in battery.  Leaving them on when unneeded reduces battery life dramatically. When you are not using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, turn it off. Only turn on these connections when needed.

Reduce Updates: Most of the smartphones have auto updates and push notification features. So many apps use this notification. For this they keep on running in background. Turn off those apps which are not of use. And try to get updates manually. Auto updates take too much power.

You may be the best at caring for your phone battery and always use it properly. But it will still die as time passes. This usually happens after about 3 years. If you need to purchase a replacement, you may want to make sure the battery hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for the past 3 years. Always see manufacturing date when going for a new battery.