5 Best Pitch Correction Apps for Android and iOS

Best Auto Tune apps for Android and iOS
Best Auto Tune apps for Android and iOS


Most people like to sing. Some are confident enough to show their singing but many people prefer to sing only when they are alone. That’s why bathroom singers exist. People who like to sing but are not good at singing use voice tuning software to make their singing better. These voice tuning software do voice pitch-correction to improve vocal performance. The first voice pitch-correction software “Auto-Tune” was launched by Andy Hildebrand back in 1997. Due to the popularity of Auto-Tune, people started referring to the process of pitch correction as Autotuning. It is worth noting that Auto-Tune is the registered trademark of Antares Audio Technologies. You can also autotune your recorded songs on your phone by using autotune apps.

Pitch correction apps or autotuning apps available for both Android and iOS. These apps let you improve your recorded songs to make them better. Pitch correction apps check audio of your recordings and correct the bad notes and wavering pitch. Pitch correction is the reason why several actors are now also singing songs in movies and they sound good.

If you use your smartphone for recording your songs, you can use the same to autotune your recordings and make them sound better.

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Pitch correction Apps for Android and iOS

Here is the list of best autotune or pitch correction apps for smartphones. The list includes autotune apps for Android and autotune apps for iOS. Check the list and download any of these autotune apps.

1. Voloco

Voloco: Auto Tune App

Voloco is the best voice-processing app that combines automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding. If you are looking for a good pitch correction app, you need to try Voloco. You can either pick a track from your own music collection or from Voloco’s free beat library to sing. The app will guess the key of the track and tune your voice accordingly to make your recordings sound better. There are eight vocal effect preset packs to choose from. You can also export your recordings to process them in order apps or share them on social media. The app also lets you record your own music video selfie to post on Instagram or other social media apps. The audio of the music video will be autotuned by the app to sound better.

Download: Android | iOS

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2. Rapchat

Rapchat: Auto tune app

Rapchat is a music app that lets you record tour singing and apply several vocal effects including Autotuning, Chipmunk, Cave vocal, and more. It aims to a helpful app for rappers. The app also offers thousands of free beats from major producers to apply to your recordings. This app is useful for new rappers who are starting their career. They can record their raps using this app and make them better by using auto vocal tune feature and beats available on the app. The app also offers a good interface and is easy to use. It also lets you share your recordings directly to your social media accounts.

Download: Android | iOS

3. Tune Me

Tune Me: auto tune apps

Tune Me is the Android-only app that lets you record songs and autotune them to sound better. You can control auto pitch effect strength as per your needs. There are also 500+ free beats to use in your recordings. Tune me lets you sing and create high-quality tracks. The app can automatically sync vocals with the beat, adjust the volume of vocals and beat, and more. The waveform lets you properly edit the audio. When you think it is now fine, export your recording to share on social media. This app is good for hip-hop and R&B recording studio.

Download: Android

4. StarMaker

StarMaker: Auto app for Android and iOS

StarMaker is basically a Karaoke app that comes with the built-in pitch correction feature. The app claims to have more than 50 million users. You can use the app to record your karaoke songs and then edit the recording to apply voice effects. Voice effects features also include autotune to improve voice recordings. The app basically uses social media approach to give you exposure. If you sing and edit well, you can get exposure. The app lets you connect with other people, comment on your recordings, and send direct messages.

Download: Android | iOS

5. Auto-Tune Mobile

Auto-Tune Mobile: auto tune iOS

Auto-Tune Mobile is only available on iOS. It brings the ability of vocal pitch correction to improve your vocal performance. It uses Antares’ world-class Auto-Tune technology to improve your songs. You have to sign through the app and it will detect the notes of your singing. Then it will correct the pitch of your notes to improve the audio. You can connect the app to your sound system between your microphone and your speakers in a live performance setting. It corrects vocals to the newest pitch based on the key and scale. The real-time pitch correction is impressive. It is compatible with other IAA and Audiobus apps. The app is only available for iOS.

Download: iOS

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Wrap Up

Now when you know about some of the good autotune apps, you can start recording your songs and show your talent to the world. You can share your recordings on social media and ask people for feedback. If you are serious, you can buy a good mic for your smartphone to improve recordings. Use any of these pitch correction apps on your phone and start singing.