15+ Best Websites to Find Royalty-Free Music for Videos

Best Websites to Find Royalty-Free Music for videos

If you have a YouTube channel, Facebook Page, or Instagram account then you know that good video attracts more viewers. Music is the soul of any video which makes it more interesting. Even if you have dialogs in your videos just add background music, it makes videos even better. Music is always the property of its creator. You can not use any audio file in your video project without the permission of its owner. If you use any random audio file in your video, YouTube or Facebook will take down it for music copyright violation.

It is nearly impossible to make your own music for every video if you are not into music production. Not everyone can make music or afford to pay for good music. Therefore, every video maker knows the importance of Royalty-Free Music. Few musicians make music and publish it online to use for free by any person. Some of these pieces of music are for personal use and some of them can be used commercially.

Before going further let’s discuss what is royalty-free music to give you an idea about royalty-free music.

What is royalty-free music?

If you want to use music from a popular music label, you will have to first get a license to use it and then pay a royalty each time the music is played. Royalty-free music is the kind of music that we can use commercially in any videos for free or by paying a small fee. No one will ask to pay a royalty for the music. If you want free music for YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, or Facebook videos, you need to find and use Royalty-Free Music, otherwise, your video will be taken down for copyright infringement.

Do keep in mind that Royalty-Free Music is not always free. Sometimes you need to pay a one-time fee to download but then you can use it multiple times in your videos. If there is no fee, Creators expect you to give credit for the music in your videos.  Even if the music creator doesn’t ask for credit, it is good practice to give him/her credit for the work.

Do remember that Royalty-Free music is not Copyright Free music. The creator of the music is still the Copyright owner and he is only giving you the right to use the music. If you are using Royalty-free music on your videos, you will not get a copyright infringement notice from the music owner.

In this article, we will tell you the websites where you can find and download free music for YouTube videos. There is a large community of music creators who are offering their music tracks for free or at a cheap license. Here is the list of best websites for downloading Royalty-free music.

Royalty-free music Websites

Copyright Free Music is a YouTube channel that uploads Free royalty-free music. Video description links to download URL and licensing information. Most audio files the channel uploads are free to use with credits. So, you won’t have to pay anything and can use the music by giving proper credits.

Licensing: Completely free

Visit Website: YouTube.com

2. Mixkit

Mixkit is also an impressive website to download free stock music tracks and use them as background music for YouTube videos, podcasts, and online advertising. You can download music across genres such as hip-hop, Lofi, cinematic, and more. You can use music in your commercial and non-commercial projects for free. You are not allowed to remix or use them on CDs or DVDs, video games, or TV.

Licensing: Completely free

Visit Website: Mixkit

3. Pixabay

Pixabay Began as a website for free royalty-free photos. Now the website also offers royalty-free music downloads. The platform has categorized music files into genre, mood, and movement. You can also search by artists, songs, genres, and moods. The platform offers thousands of music and audio tracks that can be used for commercial and non-commercial projects.

Licensing: Completely free

Visit Website: Pixabay

4. Videvo

Videvo is also a good website that offers thousands of royalty-free stock music tracks. You can browse music files by genre and mood. Some audio files are available for free while some files require you to register before you can download tracks from this website.

Licensing: Completely free

Visit Website: Videvo

5. Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward is the creator of all songs listed on this website which gives you the authority to download the MP3s created by him. He has a collection of lossless FLAC files of the regular and instrumental versions of every one of his songs. Josh offers more than 200 songs as free downloads from his website.

Licensing: Completely free

Visit Website: Josh Woodward

6. Free Soundtrack Music

The soundtrack music composers post tracks for royalty-free licensing to video producers on Free Soundtrack Music Website. All of the music on this online royalty-free music library can be licensed for use in films, videos, video games, YouTube videos, or other digital multimedia productions. These are completely free soundtracks without a licensing fee. You can download and use it without any payment.

Licensing: Completely free

Visit Website: FreeSoundtrackMusic.com

7. Purple-planet.com

Purple-planet.com is also a good website that offers free royalty-free music. You can download and use music files on YouTube and similar video sites, social media, and your website. You only need to give credit to the website and creator. If you want to use it without attribution, you need to pay a commercial license.

Visit Website: https://www.purple-planet.com/

8. DanoSongs.com

Dan-O is the creator of songs on this website and he gives authority to use his royalty-free music in your videos, films, apps, games, presentations, podcasts, and other media.

Download an mp3 for free from this website and try it in your project. But once you decide to publish it on your media, you have to donate $10 for 1 royalty-free song license to publish in your media and $50 to license all the songs on the site royalty-free.

Licensing: One-time fee

Visit Website: DanoSongs.com

9. Epidemic Sound:

Epidemic Sound is well known royalty-free music website from where you can add music to your content creations. It has 30 30-day free trial after that one subscription is all you need to be covered. You can cancel it anytime if you don’t want to pay more.

The company claims that they have over 100,000 online creators, YouTubers, and influencers who use Epidemic Sound to soundtrack their videos.

Licensing: Monthly subscription

Visit Website: Epidemic Sound

10. Incompetech

The Incomptech has Royalty-Free Music and Creative Commons Music from music composer Kevin MacLeod. It is important to give credit to the creator. You can download all of the music on this site at once just for $38.

Licensing: One-time payment

Visit Website: Incompetech

11. Musopen

This website gives recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free and without copyright restrictions. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving access and exposure to music by creating free resources and educational materials.

Licensing: Completely free

Visit Website: Musopen

12. Synkio

Synkio is the global music community of experts who are ready to license music to you. It has licensed songs for TV productions, films, advertisements, computer games, apps, YouTube videos & radio productions.

Licensing: One-time fee for a music

Visit Website: Synkio

13. Dig CCMixter

This website has royalty-free Instrumental Music for Film & Video. You just have to find music on this website, download it, and upload it to your projects.

Visit Website: CCMixter

14. Mobygratis

With Mobygratis, it is easier to find and download the right music for your non-profit film project. You need to fill in a few details about how you plan to use the track on this website and accept the Mobygratis license terms. You will receive an email with the link to download an AIFF master quality download of the track and a license PDF for your records.

Licensing: Completely free

Visit Website: Mobygratis

15. Bensound

You can download royalty-free stock music for YouTube and your multimedia projects from the Bensound website. This website was created by Benjamin TISSOT also known as Bensound, who is a Composer and Musician based in France. You can download and use the music without paying anything, but you should give proper credit to the creator. It is worth noting that the website doesn’t allow you to use the music on Audio Podcasts or AudioBooks and on songs.

Licensing: Completely free

Visit Website: Bensound

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16. AudioJungle

AudioJungle is part of the Envato Market. The website offers a vast collection of royalty-free music tracks, sound effects, and audio loops. Each track has its own pricing set by the artist who uploaded the audio.

Visit Website: AudioJungle

Wrap Up

These are the best websites to find Royalty-Free Music for your videos. Some of these pieces of music are available for free and some of them have some price for a one-time purchase. If you do not want to fall into any legal trouble, always use Royalty-Free music on your projects. You can try any of these websites to download the music for free for your projects.

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