How to Post on Instagram from PC – Two Easy Ways

how to Post on Instagram from PC
how to Post on Instagram from PC

Instagram is the popular photo-sharing and filter app. It is one of the most popular apps in the world. Instagram launched an official app for Windows 10 but you could only like, follow, browse, and see notifications in that. Also, there was no dedicated app for Mac OS. Back in March, Instagram went ahead and allowed users to upload from the Instagram mobile website. But there is no official way to upload photos to Instagram from PC. You can still post on Instagram from PC with a little workaround.

Why do we need the option to post on Instagram from PC?

Photographers take photos from DSLR, transfer them to the desktop and edit them with photo editing software. For posting to Instagram, they need a step more and transfer editing photos to the smartphone for uploading to Instagram. Having an option to upload photos to Instagram direct from desktop can save time and effort both.

If you are one of those who is looking for an easy way to post to Instagram, here is the solution to your query “How to Post on Instagram from PC?”. In this article, I am adding two ways. Both ways work on all platforms including Windows, Mac or Linux.

How to upload Post to Instagram from desktop

Method 1: Open Mobile website on browser

As I already said, Instagram allows users to upload photos from the mobile site. So, you can open the mobile website in the browser. If you are not sure how to do this, you can keep reading to know how to do that in different browsers.

Follow these steps to post on Instagram from Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera:

Open your web browser and go to Here Sign into the account where you want to post photos from the desktop. Now Right Click on the web Page and click on Inspect option in context menu. It will open the developer tool. Now, look for Tablet or smartphone Icon at the top left of the “Inspect window”. When website comes in mobile view, reload the page.

How to Post on Instagram from PC

After these steps, you will get an upload icon at the end of the Instagram page, just like the Instagram app. Now, you can upload any photos to Instagram from your PC.

Post on Instagram from Safari:

Macbook users basically use Safari browser. If you want to post photos on Instagram from MacBook, follow these easy steps. 

First of all, you need to enable the develop Menu. for this. Go to Safari browser –> Preferences –> Advanced. Click on the box “Show Develop menu in the menu.

how to post on instagram from mac

Now, open a Safari window. Go to Develop –> User Agent –> Safari –> iOS 10 –> iPhone. Type on the URL box, and sign in to it. You will see a Camera button at the bottom of the screen. Click on the camera button to upload a photo from your MacBook. This is the best solution for your query “how to upload photos to Instagram from mac.”

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Method 2: Use Third Party software

There is a third party app named Gramblr that allows you to upload photos on Instagram from your computer directly to your account. It is a free program for Mac or Windows. We have also written a post on How to use Gramblr to post on Instagram from the desktop. For more details read this article.

I am using Gramblr since last two years and found it very useful. It has many features other than posting to Instagram from PC.

gramblr- post on insta from pc

Download and install Gramblr and make an account on it. They ask for Instagram username and password to create an account. You have to share your password with this app otherwise it won’t work. Don’t worry, its safe to share the password with Gramblr. After verifying the account, you will see “Upload Now” button at the left side of the page. Upload photos from there and manage Instagram from your desktop.

Download Gramblr

Final Words

These are the two easy ways to upload photos to Instagram from your laptop. You will never face any kind of errors or problem by using these two simple ways of uploading photos to Instagram from the desktop. The first method is safest as you are using the Instagram website for uploading the photos. The second method may have a risk as Instagram does not allow any third-party API to use posting feature. Still, Gramblr managed to reproduce the feature on its tool. There are few more tools similar to Gramblr that allows you to upload photos on Instagram from the desktop.

If you know any other interesting and easy way to upload photos on Instagram from Macbook or Windows, do share your experience with us on comments.