How to protect your personal photos in smartphone from hackers

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Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.55.11 PM

In the past few months, we have seen several nude photo leaks of popHollywoodywood celebrities. This kind of incident not only embarrasses but also disappoints. While using the smartphone for taking our personal photos, we should not forget about security. But most of the people do not know how to keep their photos safe. Many people asked me that they didn’t do anything untill they are hacked. Actually, there are so many things which can lead to potential hack or photo leak. In this post, we will talk about how to protect your personal photos in smartphones safe from hackers.

Few ways to keep your photos in phone safe from hackers

1. Add password in your phone and if possible in a gallery

This is a very basic thing you should do to keep your smartphone photos safe. There have been cases in which friends or some person who got access to smartphone accessed data and leaked photos. It will also protect your smartphone’s data in case of smartphone theft or loss. So, add a password on your smartphone. And also add an app password in few apps which can reveal your personal data. In this way, it will protect your smartphone and data from people around you.

2. Install a good antivirus

Antivirus software is the most important app you must have. It protects your device from malware or malicious apps. Most of the times malware in system connects your smartphone to a remote server and hackers can access your data from a remote location. Android devices are the most vulnerable and main target. If you are using Android devices, you must install a good Antivirus app on your device.

Antivirus software also offers data wipe or smartphone tracking option. So, you should always use a good Antivirus if possible go with the paid ones.

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3. Install app only from official app stores

This is another most important thing you must follow. Android, iOS and other platforms offer a dedicated app to access the app store. in Android, it is Play Store app and App Store ap in the iOS. Official app stores prevent malicious apps appearing in the store and hence risk will be less. Never install apps from unknown sources. Most of these apps are malware and can access your photos, contacts and other data on your smartphone.

4. Turn off automatic cloud backup

Celebrities nude photo leak was performed by hacking their iCloud account. This is why I strongly recommend not to use automatic cloud backup if you keep these kinds of photos on your phone. Always take a manual backup of your photos. So, you can decide what photos to be saved in your cloud account. I don’t think you will have an interest in taking backup of your nude or sexy photo in could. Android devices take auto backup to Google+ photos which will not appear in Google Drive and similarly, iOS takes backup in iCloud. Check your device’s backup settings and turn off automatic backup now.

If you do not want to turn it off, try to keep your cloud storage account safe from hackers. Enable two-step login in your cloud account. Most of the could storage accounts now support this security option.

5. Encrypt photos in your smartphone

Even if you are using a password, encrypt photos in your device by installing apps. You can use Keepsafe or other similar apps to keep your photos encrypted in your device. These kinds of apps let you create a safe vault where you can save your personal photos. These photos will not be available in your smartphone’s gallery section. And no other app will be able to access these photos.

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6. Properly wipe data before selling your phone

If you are changing your phone and selling the older one to a random person, you need to take extra care. Even if you do a hard reset, data can be recovered. If you have an Android phone, there are many good data recovery apps for Android. So, recovering your photos is not a tough task. So, you need to take extra care and properly wipe the data of your phone. You can hard reset, fill the phone’s storage with random data and hard reset again. In this case, recovery apps will mostly recover the data you randomly filled after the first hard reset.

These were a few important points you must read and follow to keep your personal photos safe online. Do not let hackers get a single chance to embarrass you.