10 Must-Follow Tips to Keep Your Password Strong and Secure


A strong password is the first step to making your account secure from unauthorized access. So, you should know how to select a memorable but strong password. Using any common and easy-to-guess puts your account at risk. That’s why experts recommend a hard-to-guess password. In case you are not able to remember the passwords of all your accounts, you can use password managers. In this post, we are listing a few tips to keep your password strong and secure.

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Tips to keep your password strong and secure

1. Generally, people use their phone number, father’s name, mother’s name, vehicle number, or other common names as passwords. This is the biggest mistake people make while selecting a password. These kinds of passwords are easy to Guess. So, avoid using these general and easy-to-guess names. If a person knows you personally, he may guess the password easily.

2. While selecting a password, be sure to use a combination of capital letters, numbers, and special characters. These kinds of passwords are hard to crack with password-cracking tools. Generally, passwords use brute forcing that tries every possible character combination. So a password with a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers, and special characters increases the time and number of attempts by the password cracking tool.

Try random password generator to create a strong password.

3. Password length is another important thing. You should try to have a password of a minimum of 8 characters in length. The longer you can make, the stronger your password is. On average, your password length should be 12 characters.

4. Avoid using a general dictionary word as a password. Always mix 2-3 words or select a phrase as a password. You can also replace a few characters with other characters. For example: replace all E with 3 and all o with 0.

5. General Spelling mistakes or choosing non-sense words can make your password strong. And it will also be easy to remember for you.

6. Never share your password with anyone. Password must be private and up to you only. Sharing Passwords with close friends or partners should not be a sign of trust. So avoid it and keep passwords up to you only.

7. Never use the same password across all your online accounts. This is another mistake most people make. It puts all your accounts at risk. If one of your online accounts has been hacked, a hacker can access all your online accounts.

Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked back in 2016. Actually, the LinkedIn data breach also leaked his LinkedIn password. Hackers tried the same password on Twitter and Pinterest. Surprisingly Zuckerberg was using the same password across multiple social media accounts. You shouldn’t make the same mistake.

8. Avoid using common passwords such as 123456, asdf, password, etc. See the list of the worst passwords of 2029. Avoid using any of the passwords that are in this list.

9. Don’t forget to use all recovery options. Recovery options will help you in password recovery in case you forget the password. If available, use two-factor authentication for another layer of security. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second form of verification.

10. Sharing your password online in chat or emails may be risky. Your password may be sniffed. And we already wrote that passwords should not be shared with anyone. You should also never write your passwords on a note, sheet, or paper. it is risky. If you find it hard to remember strong passwords, start using password managers.

Check this list

11. You should also keep changing your password regularly. Some services actually force you to change passwords once a year. You should also make it a habit. You should also avoid using the old password again anywhere in other services or tools.

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